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‘NCIS’ Season 19, Episode 2 Full Recap: Shocking Ending Leaves Major Questions for Episode 3

by Jonathan Howard
(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

Last week’s season premiere was filled with drama, but after tonight’s episode, there are so many questions for NCIS fans. With a week until the next episode, fans are going to be thinking about this for more than a few days. Let’s get into what went down tonight.

Since Gibbs has more or less recovered from the boat explosion, the team is back together. However, they are far from the comforts of their usual facilities. They have turned Thelma and Virgil’s barn into a remote, makeshift headquarters. A very rustic atmosphere compared to the shiny computers and desks they usually operate on. The search for the serial killer is underway and the group meets to get into the details of the latest victim.

Things got very interesting when Vance came by and offered to give back Gibbs’ gun and badge. However, he declined. Likely due to the fact he would have to make an apology to the dog killer. So, he remains “dead” for now.

While they were in a barn, they still got into some technology. Using the latest victim’s GPS watch, they were able to find out where the killer had been taking victims. They had to act quickly.

‘NCIS’: Gibbs and Fornell Catch Up During Stakeout

With the new information, they were able to find the area the killer had been operating. Street cam footage showed that the suspect was usually followed by a masked man. So, a stakeout was made to find out what was happening. During this stakeout, Fornell and Gibbs got to catch up a bit.

They talked about the “club” as they put it, as those who have lost children. Both of them belong to the group. Also part of the conversation, Marcie, and what, if anything, Gibbs should be doing in place of being an NCIS agent. Just as they thought, the masked man showed up during the stakeout.

They couldn’t find anything in the database matching the suspect’s face or fingerprints. After a quick threat to be ousted as someone in connection with the serial killer case, Alden Parker admitted to his identity. The person of interest had been backed into a corner and had to reveal that he was an FBI Special Agent. He was also tracking the serial killer separate from the NCIS investigation.

Gibbs Fights Through Wounds Against “Tommy”

After being spotted again on street cameras, the main suspect was found by Gibbs. The two got into a scuffle. “Tommy” tried to fight off the wounded NCIS agent, but he got more than he could handle. After finding an opportunity, Gibbs was able to get his gun out and focused on the suspect.

Faced with the man who tried to blow him up along with his boat, it took the NCIS teammates to get him to stand down. It seemed for a bit that he might not be able to resist. However, he turned the suspect over to the team. That’s when he made a trip to see Marcie who was on the way to see her friend “Mitch” AKA Michelle.

Back at the HQ, “Tommy” was found to be Paul Lemere. Peculiarly, the suspect kept requesting a lawyer that has been deceased for quite some time. After a quick search of his go bag, a thumb drive revealed that Lemere had been paid for his kills. $50,000 for each one from “NAVIS”. A gun for hire. Not a serial killer but a contract killer.

Questions After the End of NCIS S19 Ep.2

All of a sudden, the suspect made his move. He smashed Knight up against the one-way glass, cracking it and allowing him to shatter it soon after. Then, he escaped through the observation room to the main office area. With a letter opener, he held Kasie hostage for a moment. Multiple agents had their service weapons drawn. Just when it looks like Lemere might get away, a shot rings out. Gibbs had just ridden up the elevator and shockingly put a bullet in his back.

The team looked at their leader with shock and awe. Kasie was free. The suspect, dead. So many questions. What will happen with Gibbs? Will the case be solved? What role will Alden Parker play following the possible death of Lemere?