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‘NCIS’: See Preview of ‘Home Improvement’ Star Patricia Richardson Playing McGee’s Mother-in-Law

by Madison Miller
Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

On top of solving crimes and capturing murderers, the “NCIS” team is about to meet an all-new family member.

Agent McGee, played by Sean Murray, is having his mother-in-law roll into town on “NCIS.” As it turns out, she will be portrayed by a popular TV figure. Patricia Richardson, who was on “Home Improvement,” will be playing this motherly figure.

‘Home Improvement’ Meets ‘NCIS’

She will appear during “NCIS” season 19, episode 7 titled “Docked.” Given the promo, it’s going to be quite the episode. McGee’s mother-in-law seems very content with talking about her love life as extensively as possible. Much to the rest of the team’s dismay.

In the preview and the photos, fans can get a first look at Patricia Richardson in the “NCIS” world. She will discover the body of this episode’s victim while she is on a cruise ship. As it turns out, the two weren’t strangers in the slightest. She reveals to McGee, in gruesome detail, that the two were in an “intimate” relationship with one another. You can see as McGee squirms and Torres tries to get out as soon as possible.

Especially when she states, “Would it help the investigation if I went into more detail?”

This episode of “NCIS” is looking like it will offer a lot of humor, which is something we’ve been missing on the series recently. On top of that, we’ll get a closer look at McGee outside of his life as an agent. That means peering into his family life, namely, both his mother-in-law and Delilah will be in the same episode.

It’s a better time than any to get a feel for what’s going on inside Tim McGee’s head. He has been adamant about not wanting the position of Special Agent in Charge. Perhaps Delilah could open up some more explanation into why McGee isn’t interested in the role.

Delilah is played by Margo Harshman. The two first revealed they were dating in the series during the season 11 premiere of “NCIS.” Since then, his wife has dropped in for spontaneous scenes here and there. Fans even gave them the adorable ship name McLilah.

Fans Worried About Other ‘NCIS’ Character

While viewers may get even closer to McGee, fans are worried that Torres may be the next to leave “NCIS.”

This fear has come after fans learned that Wimer Valderrama will be starting a role in another brand new CBS series. According to Deadline, Valderrama is working on a new family comedy called “Mexican Beverly Hills.”

In addition to starring in the show, Valderrama is also an executive producer through his company WV Entertainment.

It makes sense that Torres could be the next to leave the series. His character has been pretty resistant to all the changes happening on the team.