‘NCIS’: Shocking Prediction Suggests Mark Harmon’s Gibbs Is Working Undercover to Arrest Major Character

by Jacklyn Krol

Is Gibbs arresting a fellow NCIS character?

As Season 18 came to a close and Season 19 will begin this fall, what will happen without Bishop on the team? Reddit threads have a slew of different fan theories concerning what’s to come. Most of those include something negative about journalist Marcie Warren (played by Pam Dawber).

One theory suggests that Marcie could be the mysterious serial killer that the team has been trying to catch. After all, who else knows where the elusive Leroy Jethro Gibbs actually lives? Social media went wild with the potential plot twist.

Other fans added to the already established theory and believe that Gibbs actually knows that Marcie is the killer and he is working undercover to bring her down.

One user @ptazdba wrote, “Why did she zero in on Gibbs for his story and why did he trust her enough to give it to her. It smelled of a setup from the gitgo.”

Fans have been left with more questions than answers and have to wait until this fall to find out what is happening. Could Gibbs have attempted to stage his death before someone actually blew up his boat? Who was in charge of planting the bugs? What is their motive?

Dawber was cast in a 4-episode arc this past season. Could it extend? Only time will tell.

‘NCIS’ All in the Family

NCIS‘ very own Mark Harmon and Pam Dawber are married. You may recognize Dawber from her previous acting roles like Mork and Mindy and My Sister Sam. This isn’t the first time that she’s collaborated with her husband on a project. They co-starred alongside each other in the 1992 film, I’ll Remember April.

The couple wed in 1987 and later welcomed two children together. Ty is 28 and Sean is 32. NCIS fans probably recognize Sean as he plays the young version of Gibbs on the show. One of the directors wanted to do flashback scenes in future episodes and needed to find a young Gibbs. He auditioned for the role and ended up getting it.

In total, Sean has appeared in seven episodes between 2008 through 2020. His first-ever acting role was straight out of college for the NCIS episode, “Heartland.”Mark Harmon previously praised his son for his work ethic and approach as an actor.

Aside from playing the younger Jethro, Sean also appeared on NCIS: Los Angeles. He portrayed Sgt. Terry Scott in the “Ten Thousand Miles” episode.