‘NCIS’: Should the Show Have Gone With a Younger Replacement for Gibbs?

by Anna Dunn

Some NCIS fans are debating whether or not the show should have gone with a younger replacement for Special Agent Gibbs. The show shocked its fans when Special Agent Gibbs actor Mark Harmon stepped away from the show in the fourth episode of this season, saying goodbye after almost two decades with the series.

Replacing Mark Harmon was Gary Cole. The actor is known for his comedic work on Office Space as well as his more dramatic work on The Good Wife and The Good Fight. With plenty of credits and lots of people who love his work, many fans were happy to have him on board.

But one fan brought up that maybe it would have been better if a younger agent took over for Gibbs instead of Cole’s Character, Special Agent Alden Parker.

“i get it, Mark Harmon is getting old, his health isn’t what it used to be and it’s hard for a 70-year-old to play a field agent.. but replacing him with someone only 5 years younger? Agent Cole either needs to be a very temporary replacement, or the shows coming to an end,” one concerned fan wrote in a Reddit thread.

First, there’s no indication that Harmon left due to health reasons. Second, just because parker is five years younger, that doesn’t mean he wouldn’t be able to carry the show for a long while. While acting is a demanding job, especially in a physical role like NCIS, plenty of actors are able to carry out roles like this.

But it does pose an interesting question, and fans were free to debate in the comments.

Many ‘NCIS’ Fans Don’t Think Age Should be A Factor

Regardless of age, Cole’s Alden Parker is bringing a major refresher to the role. Parker has a lot less of a surly disposition, and a lot of fans are really liking it. Turns out you don’t have to be young to bring a youthful energy to a show.

“My wife and I agree that Agent Cole is a welcome breath of fresh air on the show. The dour Gibbs routine was growing tired anyway. The longer that character was there, the more depressing he became and the less enjoyable the show was. Harmon could have left the show a couple years ago as far as I’m concerned,” one fan responded.

“I’m hopeful that as senior field agent, they’ll keep Cole as a co-equal character to the others rather than the depressing focus that was Gibbs,” they finished.

Other fans seem to be in agreement that he brings a breath of fresh air to the show. Hopefully, with someone like Cole behind the wheel, the show can continue on for as long as fans enjoy it.