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‘NCIS’: Special Agent Timothy McGee Actor Sean Murray Details ‘Embarrassing Moment’ From His Early Acting Career

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/FilmMagic)

Sean Murray’s  “NCIS” character, Timothy McGee is flourishing on the hit CBS series. Originally a sort of rookie “newbie” on the “NCIS” team, McGee has made his way up the ladder. Even standing in for team leader, Leroy Jethro Gibbs when he is absent. 

“NCIS’s” McGee may be flourishing. However, the actor who plays the ever-growing “NCIS” character remembers some moments in his early acting days when he was not so on top of it. Or sure of himself.

The Chicago Tribune,” asked Sean Murray to share his most embarrassing moment in the business. However, the actor did one better and recounted two early instances that still make him cringe. 

“I couldn’t help but think of a few things off the top of my head,’ he said during the interview.

‘NCIS’ Star Is Not a ‘Baller’

Sean Murray recalled a moment when he made a guest appearance on the television show “Silk Stalkings” in 1995. 

“My character was supposed to be a basketball star and I could play just enough to where I could kind of fake it,” Murray said in the interview. 

The “NCIS” star went on to recount the moment, explaining that he shared his screentime with guys who clearly knew how to play basketball. 

“We’re mixing it up and they have the cameras going. And all of a sudden I was completely overcome and ran to the corner and started throwing up because I had physically exerted myself so much,” Murray told the outlet.  “Getting sick in front of all the guys? That was embarrassing. It was like, yeah, I’m not as physically fit as all of you and now I’m throwing up.”

Murray added that the fact he was a young actor, a teenager, at the time didn’t make the instance any better. 

“You’re so self-conscious about everything, to begin with,” Murray said. “So the little things that go wrong are so much bigger and really embarrassing,” he said. 

Sean Murray is Not a Tennis Pro, Either

During the interview, Murray recalled another embarrassing moment. The “NCIS” star related a story that took place a few years earlier in 1992 on s show called “Civil Wars.”  

“I was supposed to be a top-ranked young tennis star, which is funny because this was a situation not unlike “Silk Stalkings,” the actor mused. “The shot was set up so that I was supposed to just serve the ball and the other guy would miss it. We tried to do it about eight times and I couldn’t get it over the net.”

Murray explained that, eventually, someone had to throw the ball over the net. This would happen off-camera, and he would run towards the ball as if he had just hit it. 

“Basically these two stories point to the fact that I was not a major jock,” the actor joked. 

Murray may not be playing the ultimate jock on television. However, the “NCIS” star is certainly doing well as the tech-minded Timothy McGee.