‘NCIS’ Star Brian Dietzen Jokes CBS Got Him an Adele Performance For His Birthday

by Jennifer Shea
Jean Baptiste Lacroix/Getty Images

Brian Dietzen managed to plug his birthday and promote a CBS presentation all in one tweet. The “NCIS” star took to Twitter on Monday to joke that his network had scheduled a special Adele performance to mark his birthday.

“You guys got Adele to perform for my birthday on November 14th? Seriously?!” he tweeted. “Thanks @CBS! You guys are making me feel pretty special.”

‘NCIS’ Star Will Be Turning 44 Next Month

Dietzen will be turning 44 this Nov. 14. On social media, the “NCIS” star, who plays Dr. Jimmy Palmer on the show, is a cheerful “NCIS” booster who retweets audience reactions and entertainment industry news items alike.

His “NCIS” character is equally cheery, if not more so, but Jimmy has been through a lot in recent seasons, from a hostage situation to the death of his wife Breena from COVID-19.

In a February interview with Entertainment Tonight, Dietzen discussed how Jimmy processes the loss of his wife in the midst of a global pandemic and everything else that’s been going on in the show.

“We can see within this week’s episode that Jimmy is trying to keep whatever happiness he can, trying to say, ‘Hey, my glass is half overflowing here. I’m doing really great,’ while we as the audience can see that that may not be the case,” Dietzen told ET. “He’s doing whatever he can just keep his head above water. But there’s only so long that that can happen before there’s going to be a certain breaking point.”

Jimmy Palmer Is a Stand-In for Frontline Workers

Dietzen added that he saw that storyline as a very sad but educational illustration of the dilemmas facing frontline workers during the pandemic. He pointed out that before vaccines became available, there was nothing but gloves and N95 masks standing between healthcare workers and COVID-19 patients, and that often carried ramifications for the people in those workers’ lives.

“I think that was one of the interesting and obviously heartbreaking things about this disease that we’ve all seen,” he said. “These people on the front line were working as doctors, who are working as EMTs, who have had to go through heartbreak on their own. And yet they’re asked to just continue working because if they stop working, then we don’t have our frontline there for us anymore. In many ways, this episode turned out to be a recognition of people who have lost others during this pandemic.”

Realistically or not, Jimmy doesn’t lose his unflagging optimism, even when faced with the death of a loved one. But his loss also affects the rest of the “NCIS” team, and they are there for Jimmy through his grieving process.

And now, as Dietzen prepares to mark his 44th birthday, the “NCIS” cast will be there to celebrate alongside him. With or without Adele.