‘NCIS’ Star Brian Dietzen Reveals He’s Disappointed Not to Be in Crossover

by Samantha Whidden

With the NCIS: Hawai’i crossover set to take place next month, NCIS star Brian Dietzen has admitted that he is disappointed to not be part of the upcoming episode. 

During a recent interview with TVLine, Dietzen revealed that he was asked about the crossover at the beginning of the year. “I said, ‘Sign me up!’ And then it came down to Wil [Valderrama] and Katrina [Law] going. I believe Diona [Reasonover] is also going to be doing a scene. But from [California]. So, no, not this season.”

However, the NCIS star states that he is holding out hope for making a crossover appearance next season. “Maybe they’ll do it either at the beginning of the season or the very end. So I can parlay it into a couple weeks there.”

In regards to whether or not his fellow NCIS castmates will at least send him a postcard from Hawaii, Dietzen stated, “Oh, God no. I won’t even get a text. They’re having too much fun. I was just looking at their Instagram feed and I’m like, ‘Oh, that looks nice’ … says the guy in Southern California. Hey, I’ve got nothing to complain about.”

Brian Dietzen Opens Up About Co-Writing ‘NCIS’ Upcoming Episode ‘The Helpers’ 

While continuing his chat with TVLine, Brian Dietzen opens up about co-writing the upcoming episode for NCIS, called The Helpers. According to IMDb, during the episode, Dietzen’s character Jimmy and Reasonover’s Kasie are exposed to a deadly bio-toxin while investing the death of an intruder at Quantico. The NCIS team calls in Doctor Carol Wilson to assist in finding an antidote. Meanwhile, Torres tries to distract Jimmy’s daughter, who came to spend the day with her dad. 

Speaking about bringing Jimmy’s daughter back, Dietzen states, “We’re bringing her back because she’s going to come to work with her dad for a day! And so, the circumstances under which she comes back are not all that awful. But the things that happen afterward, as they want to do in NCIS universe, get a little trickier than was initially proposed.”

Dietzen then discussed the bio-toxin that his character was exposed. “There’s really no way of getting clean of this thing. And that created an awesome opportunity for us to bring the amazing Meredith Eaton, who in the past has played Carol Wilson, a famous [CDC] epidemiologist. She was not available to come play with us at all for the last five years or six years [because of MacGyver], but so now she is and we are more than happy to have her back. She’s so damn talented and such a good person.”

Dietzen goes on to share what Jimmy and Kasie manage to accomplish towards their own situation. “Whether or not that’s successful will remain to be seen, but they’re trying to save their own bacon. And in the meantime, Jimmy’s daughter is looking on. And hoping that she doesn’t lose two parents in the course of a year-and-a-half.”