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‘NCIS’ Star David McCallum, Brian Dietzen Look Forward to ‘Exciting New Adventures’ in Behind the Scenes Snap

by Shelby Scott
(Photo by Jean Baptiste Lacroix/Getty Images)

Today marks the first day of September. Currently, “NCIS” fans grow ever more impatient waiting for the season 19 premiere. However, thanks to “NCIS” star Brian Dietzen, fans have just received a little confirmation that the beloved medic duo, Dr. “Ducky” Mallard and Dr. Jimmy Palmer, reunite on the set of the beloved show this season. The Dr. Jimmy Palmer actor shared a photo of himself and fellow actor David McCallum sporting their iconic autopsy blues on his Instagram Wednesday.

Dietzen’s posts lately have revealed that he is just about as excited for the “NCIS” season 19 premiere as fans. Featuring David McCallum and a wide Dietzen grin, the actor opened the caption with. “The doctors will see you now.”

Although considering Ducky’s and Palmer’s occupations, I like to think Outsiders will avoid seeing these particular doctors for a while.

Regardless, Dietzen goes on, sharing his unreserved admiration for David McCallum. “So happy and honored to be able to share more scenes with this man,” he writes. McCallum’s appearances during “NCIS” season 18 were far and few in between. However, we’re hoping that, with the loosening COVID-19 restrictions, perhaps we will see much more of Ducky this season.

Dietzen’s post also highlighted the numerous seasons he and McCallum have spent working and filming together. “NCIS” fans spotlight the beloved medic duo so crucial to the show frequently on social platforms like Reddit. “We’ve been a part of so many great stories over the past 18 seasons,” he began. “We’re looking forward to exciting new adventures as well.”

With the guarantee that “NCIS” fans’ favorite dynamic duo returns in season 19, Outsiders are just as excited as well.

‘NCIS’ Theories Thrive Edging Nearer the Season 19 Premiere

Brian Dietzen and David McCallum are one of the most crucial character dynamics in the plot of “NCIS.” Although, one incomplete plotline continues to inspire various fan theories. Due to the major cliffhanger begun during the season 18 finale, fans have been left debating Gibbs‘ fate all summer. As a result, various theories have emerged left and right, and every single one seems plausible.

However, one of the most recent theories to emerge surrounds new character addition Gary Cole and his potentiality to be the latest “NCIS” villain. Fans suspect that because Cole’s character will come into the midst of the central cast from the FBI, there’s a chance he may use his position to hide the fact that he himself is the serial killer.

Based on these hypotheses, one Redditor shared in a thread, “the NCIS team will get news of the explosion and will begin investigating as if Gibbs has died. The team will then connect with Marcie at some point and start working the case from the serial killer angle.”

However, regardless of all these theories to emerge, only the season 19 premiere will give us all resolution.