‘NCIS’ Star Gary Cole Also Appeared in Multiple Classic TV Movies

by Jonathan Howard

Over the years, NCIS star Gary Cole has been in a lot of classic movies. So, if you think that you have seen him before, you have. The 66-year-old has established himself in his career, but about 25 years ago he was in a much different role than his current one.

While he now plays the lead Agent of the NCIS team, Alden Parker, he has had so many roles in his past. THose classic TV fans will recognize him from one very important and distinct role. Back in 1995, he played Mike Brady in The Brady Bunch Movie. He followed that up with the sequel in 1996 and then a third, made-for-TV movie in 2002. He can play a loveable and kind family man or a hardnosed law enforcement agent. That’s range. Cole isn’t oblivious to his past either, already they have made reference to his past role as the Brady patriarch.

There are other classic movies that he has been a part of. These include Office Space, Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, and more. His look has changed over the years, and now with gray hair and a beard, Cole is a more mature-looking actor. Fans love him for his dry humor and charm above all else, which he still has plenty of.

His role in NCIS is a bit controversial. Not only does his character replace Gibbs after Mark Harmon’s long run on the show, but he is an older actor. That has some fans wondering if he is too old to be the long-term replacement. As season 19 continues, viewers will get a better idea of where the team is headed and if Parker will be around for good.

‘NCIS’ Sneak Peeks Show Danger for Torres

Right now, things aren’t looking great with Gary Cole as the lead. Parker just isn’t doing it for fans, and they have made their voices heard. While everyone knows the transition has gotten off to a rough start, we can ignore that for a second and focus on some sneak peeks that the show has given out.

While one set of photos shows some behind-the-scenes shots of the crew, it doesn’t give much information. We do see two Torres pictures, and that should be noted. Not only has the show shared some pics, but Wilmer Valderrama has as well and his character is in for “dark times” ahead. In a photo he shared on Instagram, Torres is covered in blood. Who knows why, but fans are eager to find out.

We just have to get through the weekend. Monday night will be back soon enough. That means new NCIS and that means answers. Answers to the Torres question, answers about Parker, and hopefully more.