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‘NCIS’ Star Gary Cole Reveals New Hobby He’s Picked Up

by Megan Molseed
Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Gary Cole’s NCIS character Alden Parker spends his days tracking down the bad guys and solving some pretty intense crimes. Parker works diligently, putting pieces of clues together in order to catch the bad guys. Working hard to make sure that the criminals don’t get away with their bad deeds.

While this tireless life, fighting crime on NCIS is keeping the actor busy, Gary Cole says he spends his downtime putting some different types of pieces together, solving puzzles that are a little less serious.

While these puzzles are certainly less serious, however, the solving of them may be just as intense some days!

“The pandemic introduced me to jigsaw puzzles,” the NCIS star says.

And, the actor notes, once he started working on his jigsaw puzzles, he didn’t see any reason to stop. Adding more and more puzzles to his collection over time.

“I got very deep into that,” Gary Cole explains. “I probably have 20 under my belt now.”

Gary Cole Becomes a Key Player On ‘NCIS’

As the nineteenth season of NCIS premiered this fall, fans were introduced to Gary Cole’s FBI special agent Alden Parker. His job was to hunt down longtime NCIS team leader, Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

However, by the end of a recent episode, fans said goodbye to Agent Gibbs as he settled for a quiet life in Alaska. And, Alden Parker left his FBI post only to be seen stepping into the role previously held by Gibbs at the NCIS.

So far, this new role at the NCIS offices seems to be an easy role for the former FBI special agent to step into. However, fans aren’t entirely sure if the move will be a permanent one.

Longtime NCIS agent Timothy McGee is the one who usually fills in for Gibbs when he would need to be away from the NCIS offices. With this having been established already, wouldn’t it stand to reason that McGee would be the one stepping into Gibbs’s shoes upon his absence?

Could Gary Cole’s Alden Parker just be stepping in temporarily? And McGee will eventually step into the role he has filled from time to time?

Gary Cole started his acting career in 1985 as a player in Chicago’s Steppenwolf Theater Company. For the last nearly forty years, Cole has made a name for himself through Hollywood, staring in a variety of memorable roles.

Gary Cole portrayed Mike Brady in 1995’s The Brady Bunch. In 1999 Gary Cole took on what would become one of the actor’s most memorable roles portraying Bill Lumbergh in Office Space.

Outside of film, Gary Cole has also portrayed a number of memorable characters on the small screen. The actor portrayed Bob Russell on The West Wing; and Wayne Davis on Desperate Housewives.

Later, the actor portrayed Kurt McVeigh on both The Good Wife and The Good Wife’s spin-off series, The Good Fight.