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‘NCIS’ Star Katrina Law Shares a Behind the Scenes Look at This Week’s Episode

by Anna Dunn
Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

NCIS actress Katrina Law just shared a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the episode that aired last night. Law, who plays Jessica Knight on the hit series, joined NCIS at the end of season 18. She became a regular for the current season, season 19.

And it seems like she’s really nailed those ever-challenging fight scenes. Seriously. If you thought the fight scene looked awesome last night, a look from behind the camera shows just how much hard work went into making it.

“A little behind the scenes from this weeks episode. Sooooo much fun getting to work with @eugeneprokofiev on @ncis_cbs Choreographed by @jeffwolfedirector Thank you @tamikobrownlee and @minnesoderman for doubling for us and letting us beat you up. #ncis,” the actress wrote in the captions.

Fans were quick to comment on how much they loved the scene, which is wild to see from this angle. It must have been incredibly rewarding to shoot.

After Last Night’s Episode, Some ‘NCIS’ Fans Are Worried about One Cast Member Leaving

After last night’s wild episode, fans are a bit worried there may have been some hints that Kasie Hines, played by Diona Reasonover, may not stay with the team. Fans just got to know Kasie, too, so this would be a rough blow.

So why are fans concerned?

It seems as if Kasie was on the verge of not renewing her contract right before getting infected with the deadly biotoxin. However, the good news for fans is that Kasie did decide to stay at the end of the episode. Her brush with death seemed to be a big turning point for her. And somehow, it made her realize she actually wanted to stay with the team.

However, the seed has been planted that she’s considering leaving. And once the adrenaline from that experience wears off again and she has a clearer head, will she change her mind?

Fans sure hope not! People love Kasie. She’s one of the new characters after multiple long-time cast members said goodbye. And she’s not someone people are ready to let go of yet. Luckily, it’s unlikely we’ll have to.

What to Know About the Next Episode

The next episode of NCIS will find the team working alongside Vance’s daughter, who’s appearing more and more frequently. Here’s the description:

“As NCIS investigate the cause of death of a reservist Navy SEAL surgeon, they’re forced to bring along Vance’s daughter to help in a highly dangerous mission,” it reads. Hopefully, everyone will come out of this one alright.

You can catch the next episode on Monday, February 7th at 9/8 central on CBS. And if you want to catch the next episode of NCIS: Hawai’i, it’ll air right after.