‘NCIS’ Star Katrina Law Stuns in Clip From the Red Carpet

by Jonathan Howard

We are so close to a brand new episode of NCIS and hopefully a return to a normal schedule. Meanwhile, Katrina Law was out on the red carpet.

Law, who plays agent Jessica Knight on NCIS, was at the Make-Up Artists and Hair Stylists Awards and it looked like a great time. Her friend Vanessa Cater made her a couple of gifs that the actress posted to her Instagram. While a lot of awards shows are all about the clothes and the dresses and gowns on the red carpet, this one is dedicated to hair and makeup.

So, of course, Katrina Law had a great look in both. Check out the post below and see for yourself.

If you go to an awards show dedicated to hair and makeup then you need to be looking great in both. This is a time that the entertainment business celebrates those that don’t get celebrated enough. Following the rough year that IATSE workers had with their work strike and contract negotiation, an awards show is well deserved.

The fact Law is there makes it better. It isn’t often that stars of TV shows take the time. However, it seems that she was happy and excited to be at the event. The actress had plenty of positive reactions to her look on the Instagram post. Law is very appreciative of those that make it all work behind the scenes. In a previous post from yesterday, she tagged all o the folks that helped her make the look work from her stylist to the handbag and jewelry.

The NCIS star was styling. Now fans wait for new episodes of their favorite drama.

‘NCIS’ Returns with Episode ‘The Helpers’

With the Olympics coming to a close, we can finally return to our normally scheduled programming. That means more NCIS is on the way. The Helpers is going to be a Brian Dietzen co-written episode. That means we could see some interesting things from Kasie and Dr. Palmer in the lab. In fact, I know it means we will.

This means that we are also going to see the return of Meredith Eaton as CDC researcher Carol Wilson. The actress makes her long-awaited return to the series and is going to play an important role. Kasie and Palmer find themselves stuck in the lab after a biotoxin is released. A quarantine period is needed to ensure all is safe.

This is going to be a big Torres episode, too. After the last episode, where he fought in a cage and had a bit of an emotional breakthrough, he needs some soul searching. Torres is going to have a lot to think about on NCIS moving forward. What will he discover about himself?