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‘NCIS’ Star Mark Harmon Believed One of His Co-Stars Was ‘Underappreciated’

by Chase Thomas
(Photo by Chris Weeks/FilmMagic)

NCIS star Mark Harmon is sorely missed on new episodes of the CBS hit drama. There will never be another Gibbs, as he will likely always be the most beloved character on the show. However, this does not mean that there were not other stars on the program that deserved proper recognition.

Which star on the program does Harmon think goes overlooked by fans of NCIS? Harmon said, [Dietzen] makes a really difficult job look easy.” If you are unfamiliar, Dietzen joined the cast in 2004 to play the role of Jimmy Palmer who became a medical examiner on the show.

The feeling is mutual for Dietzen. He told Pop Entertainment in 2012, “What’s great about working with David and Mark, who are living legends of the television industry, is that you don’t feel an intimidation factor when you are on the set. These are really cool guys. Mark always makes a point of going out of his way to sit and talk with everybody. He makes everyone comfortable. I’m learning to enjoy what we have, because it doesn’t come along very often. I’m learning from people who have been there and have done it before. I realize that I need to appreciate it in the moment because this thing is not going to be around forever. Working with those guys has been pretty fantastic for my learning process.”

It is nice to see that the two stars respect each other’s work. With the kind of gravitas that Harmon figures to bring on-set, Dietzen points out it doesn’t feel like that with the former. He seems to have been a real leader on the set when he was on NCIS for so many years.

‘NCIS’ Mark Harmon on Respect

Harmon, as you read above, is a leader of sorts on sets. You can glean from Dietzen’s interview that during his time on NCIS he made sure respect went both ways. That nobody was bigger than anybody else. They were a team. They were a family on NCIS. Harmon told Larry King in 2014, “Everyone has to respect each other.”

That’s a pretty good motto not just for television, but for life, too, isn’t it? We should all respect each other, regardless of the circumstances. It’s the golden rule for a reason is it not? For a show to last as long as NCIS has, this cast has to have had respect for one another the whole time. It’s the only way this works.

Harmon continued, “Now I don’t know if like, it’s important, but respect is important. You have to try and get along.”

Harmond was clearly a leader behind-the-scenes at NCIS. Only time will tell if the same vibe and feeling with Gary Cole and friends manning the ship that Harmon built.