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‘NCIS’ Star Mark Harmon Compared His Career To Football in 2012 Interview

by Jacklyn Krol
Robin Marchant, Getty Images

NCIS star and producer Mark Harmon compared his career and time on the show to football.

In a 2012 interview with Variety, he spoke about how acting and the CBS hit series are similar to football. Mark was the quarterback for UCLA and his father is Heisman winner Tom Harmon.

He considers NCIS a “team game” and has that same outlook for any job. “I’m a team guy. I don’t get the ego thing, I never have, and you can credit my parents for that,” he said. Mark added that he has just played roles in both football and acting.

“My job was to get the ball to the guy who could do the most with it, without involving my ego. And if you got drilled but could pitch the ball to someone who could get another eight yards, that’s what you did. In some ways, that’s what I’m doing now,” the NCIS lead confessed.

Harmon views the cast as both a team and family. He doesn’t care who is first on a call sheet or how big his trailer is, he is part of the team. He even admitted that someone on the set is always staying longer or “working harder than I am.”

Aside from performing his NCIS job to the best of his ability, his goal is to make the workspace a place where actors would miss when they leave. He wants the people involved to feel like family and feel like they’re accomplishing something.

“I’ve never been the most talented, as an athlete or as an actor,” Mark added.“But I understand the work ethic. I try hard but make mistakes all the time and try to better those mistakes. My daily thing is to learn something today that I didn’t know yesterday, and that’s the way I intend to live the rest of my life. That’s the way I play the game.”

How the ‘NCIS’ Star is a Father Figure

In a 2019 interview with AOL Build, Cote De Pablo spoke about her relationship with Mark Harmon.

“You know, he more like a, you know he’s a friend mentor,” she explained. ‘He was always like a father figure to me. And, obviously, Ziva [David] gives out that but Cote and Mark give out that.”

Although she left NCIS, she has still maintained a friendship with him over the years. She considers him family. Because of their busy schedules, they are not in constant contact. One thing she admires about Mark Harmon is the fact that when reuniting, it feels like no time has passed.