‘NCIS’ Star Mark Harmon Once Played a Creepy Practical Joke on Cote De Pablo

by Katie Maloney

When you spend countless hours on set with your co-stars, hilarity is bound to ensue. That’s certainly the case for the cast of “NCIS.”

obviously, Michael Weatherly, who played Anthony DiNozzo on the show, was known as the cool, funny guy on the show. However, another actor was known for his practical jokes. That actor is Mark Harmon who plays Leroy Jethro Gibbs. However, some jokes land better than others. Those “others” sometimes end up being a little creepy. This was the case for a joke Harmon played on his co-star Cote De Pablo. Luckily, Pablo took it in stride and even came to see the joke as a sign that she is loved. During a behind-the-scenes video of her trailer in 2011, Pablo explained the joke.

She started by providing an overview of the entire trailer. She pointed out a knitted blanket that one of the crew member’s mothers had made her.

“It’s really comfortable and I just put it on me sometimes when the air conditioner is blasting,” said the “NCIS” alum.

Then she guided audiences to a big mirror on her wall. The mirror was surrounded by photos of herself with her family and co-stars.

“Here’s a picture of me and P [Pauley Perretee]…I love this picture,” she said. “Then I’ve got pictures of my dad and my brother and I. And then here’s a picture of me and [Mark] Harmon being silly. These are the things you don’t see.”

Mark Harmon Uses A Lizard In a Creepy Joke for His ‘NCIS’ Co-Star

De Pablo put the picture back on her wall before drawing viewers’ attention to a small lizard dangling from a string.

“And this is one of my favorite things that Harmon actually sort of did as a kind of joke,” said De Pablo. “So, I came in one day and this is a lizard that I guess he found outside. And it’s a dead lizard which he put a noose around its neck.”

Okay, so that’s a little creepy. But the joke ain’t over yet! It gets weirder.

“And then he hung a little note which is intended to be like a little ‘goodbye I can’t take it anymore’ note. And it actually says, ‘I couldn’t take it anymore.” So, he hung this in my trailer and when i came in I was like, ‘Ah!'” said Pablo.

However, after the initial shock wore off, the “NCIS” alum said she came to love the creepy lizard prank.

“But I actually love it now,” said De Pablo. “It’s like my little reminder that someone out there loves me.”

Hey, some friends give framed photos or other keepsakes as gifts, Mark Harmon gifts dead lizards. It actually seems like something Gibbs would find as a clue from a serial killer on “NCIS.”