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‘NCIS’ Star Mark Harmon Received Epic Gift from Elizabeth Taylor after Filming ‘Sweet Bird of Youth’

by Samantha Whidden
(Photo by Steve Granitz/WireImage)

He’s known for his work as the long-time lead in the hit CBS series NCIS, but Mark Harmon has other notable acting credits to his name. The actor has also taken on various roles in St Elsewhere, Wyatt Earp, and Freaky Friday. But one of his favorite productions seems to be Sweet Bird of Youth, in which he starred alongside Hollywood icon Elizabeth Taylor.

During Mark Harmon’s time on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert in 2019, the hilarious talk show host presented a picture of Mark and Elizabeth. Harmon looks obviously embarrassed while Stephen says, “This is you and Elizabeth Taylor in Sweet Bird of Youth: The Great Tennessee Williams Story!” See the hilarious reaction below.

Mark Harmon Talks Working With Elizabeth Taylor

During the chat with Stephen Colbert, Mark Harmon shares more details about his time with Elizabeth Taylor on the set of the TV movie. “She had a thing in her contract, she worked eight hours a day and that was it,” Harmon explains. “She’d arrive in the morning and was in wardrobe and made up. She would get out of her car and she was ready to work.” He says that after eight hours, an assistant of Taylor’s would hint at her that time was up. When that happened, Elizabeth would be done for the day. 

Mark also recalls an awkward situation between him and Taylor on the set. While the duo was waiting on the crew to finish up, Taylor reminds Mark of her contracted eight hours and states that she has been on set two hours longer than she was supposed to be. His response, “Hey, Elizabeth, all I gotta say is, welcome to the [expletive] club.”

Mark Harmon then assures her that he wasn’t “pitching her any grief at all.” But he explains while she leaves after eight hours, he and the rest of the crew are still working for additional eight hours.

Despite the interaction, Taylor decides from the next day on she was going to work more than eight hours until the production ends. 

Elizabeth Taylor’s Gift to Mark After Sweet Bird of Youth

Also during the interview, Mark Harmon reveals that Elizabeth Taylor gave him a sweet gift after the film’s production came to an end. “At the wrap party, which she had her house. She wants to meet you at the door and as you leave, she has a present. She want you to open it as she gives it to you. It’s a sterling silver frame [with a] cast and crew picture. The frame says, ‘Thank you very much, Elizabeth Taylor.”

Harmon then says, “She gives me a little box and I open it up. She gives me a 1959 Hamilton Select Rick Watch. Solid gold. On the back, it says, ‘M.H. two hours, ticktock, love you too.’”