‘NCIS’ Star Mark Harmon Said Working with Jack Sloane Actress Maria Bello Was a ‘Joy’

by Clayton Edwards

NCIS is one of the biggest shows on TV today. Audiences still love the crime drama even after 18 seasons and 19 years on the air. Part of the strength of the show is its cast. Many of those cast members have been on the show for over a decade. So, they know their characters inside and out. For instance, Mark Harmon has been on board since day one. He doesn’t just play the head honcho, Gibbs, on the series, though. He is also an executive producer on the series. So, he has his finger on the pulse of his character as well as the show as a whole.

Because Mark Harmon has been around so long, he has had the chance to work with several actors on NCIS. Over the years several members of the cast have left for one reason or another. On the other hand, several new characters have been added over the years.

One of the actors that Mark Harmon worked with during his time on NCIS was Maria Bello, who played Jack Sloane. She joined the cast in 2017 in the early episodes of season 15.

Back in 2017, Mark Harmon spoke to ET Canada about the show. During their chat, he talked about working with Maria Bello.

Mark Harmon on Maria Bello

The interviewer asked Mark Harmon about the addition of Maria Bello to the NCIS cast. He didn’t hesitate to say, “She’s terrific.”

Mark Harmon went on to say that Bello loved the job. Furthermore, she loved coming to work every morning. Harmon said she did so with a smile on her face. It was nice for him to see that the newest cast member was happy to be on the series. He added, “It’s important to love what you do, in this group especially.”

Mark Harmon added, “To find her, to have her excited about joining this family, and now six months in, to get a chance to work with her has been a joy.”

Maria Bello left NCIS earlier this year. However, she did so on good terms. In fact, after leaving the series, she posted a glowing message about it to her fans on Instagram. She told them how much fun she had working on the series. At the same time, Bello said that it was a learning experience for her. Before ending her post, she added that she had never worked with a “Kinder, more generous group of people.”