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‘NCIS’ Star Hilariously Revealed What They Type When Shooting a Scene on a Computer

by Amy Myers
Photo by Michael Tran/FilmMagic)

When Sean Murray first appeared on NCIS as a rookie agent, Timothy McGee, he was only supposed to be on one episode.

Now, nearly twenty years later, McGee is an integral character to the show and a favorite among fans. Thanks to Murray’s charm and on-screen compatibility with his co-stars, he turned the rookie McGee into the esteemed, well-seasoned Special Agent the character is today.

A part of an elite investigative team, McGee and NCIS have had 18 successful seasons so far.

‘NCIS’ Star Talks About His Character’s Progression

In an interview with Australia’s Studio 10, Murray discussed how his character has matured and expanded over the past 18 seasons.

“I’ve had the opportunity to play a character that has grown quite a bit… from a real kind of stumbling rookie agent with no sort of social skills to being a senior agent on the team, leading a number of cases, being a really good agent and excel at what he does,” the NCIS star shared.

“It’s always been progressing, which to me is a really important thing,” he continued. “If you’re not doing that, what are you doing, you know?”

Throughout the NCIS character’s growth, Murray has also acquired some impressive typing skills. In fact, anchor Sarah Harris even complimented him on his speed.

“He’s a super-fast typer as well,” she exclaimed, mimicking Murray’s fast fingers on a keyboard.

But the NCIS actor revealed that he has a trick for that. While it may seem like his character is fast at work on a police report, Murray’s actually typing something quite simple.

“You know what I do, by the way? I just type my name over and over and over,” Murray admitted. The NCIS star then joked, “And sometimes they’ll get someone for insert shots. They’ll cut to your, you know, hands typing, and it’s someone with giant Popeye forearms typing on the computer because it’s not really you.”

The Outsider writing team was only mildly jealous of this fact.

Sean Murray Looks ‘Hotter and Younger’ Over the Years

Besides the positive changes in his character’s personality, the Studio 10 anchors also noticed that the NCIS star’s appearance has changed over the years, too.

At first, when Harris asks about his recent “healthy changes,” Murray humbly chalks up his new and improved look to the natural progression twenty years has on a person.

But Harris insisted, “You got hotter and younger over the years. Well done.”

And Murray certainly has been working hard to take care of himself.

“It’s easy to get lazy on a set and eat a lot of food,” the NCIS actor shared. “I’ve tried to use the opportunity as of late to take care of myself and eat a lot better.”

Murray bashfully added that it’s very easy to see in his face when he gains or loses any weight.

Whether on-screen or in real life, we’re loving all the changes Murray is incorporating. We can’t wait to see how the actor and character will continue to evolve.