‘NCIS’ Star Sean Murray Joked That He’s Become His Character: ‘I Solve Crimes When We’re Not Filming’

by Clayton Edwards

NCIS hit the airwaves almost twenty years ago. Since then, the series has produced 18 seasons. Sean Murray has been there nearly the entire time. His character, Special Agent Timothy McGee, made his first appearance in the seventh episode of season one. Then, he slowly became a more prominent character. By the time the second season rolled around, he was a full-fledged regular cast member.

Special Agent Timothy McGee started out as a rookie agent. He didn’t quite fit in. Today, he is a senior agent and heads his own team. So, the character has grown professionally. At the same time, Sean Murray has helped to grow McGee’s personality.

Sean Murray has portrayed Timothy McGee for nineteen years. So, he has had plenty of time to help develop the character. At the same time, he has been around long enough to see several cast members come and go. So, he has proven that both he and his character have true staying power. One of the ways he is able to play Agent McGee for so long is by growing a relationship with the character.

In fact, Sean Murray sat down with Studio 10 last year to talk about the show. At one point, he talked about how much he has put into the character. He also spoke on how some of McGee’s traits have worked their way into his personality.

Sean Murray on Becoming Special Agent McGee

Studio 10 co-host Tristan MacManus set up the conversation by saying how much of his NCIS character Sean Murray has taken into himself. Then, he added, jokingly, “Are you a criminal investigation lawyer now in your spare time?”

Sean Murray went right along with the joke. With a straight face, he replied, “Absolutely. I solve crimes at night when we’re not filming,” before having a good laugh. Then, he was back to being serious. Murray said, “It evolves, it becomes a thing.” He went on to say that sometimes when he starts a role, he just gets a basic outline for the character. However, over time, he adds himself to the character. At the same time, those character traits work their way into his personality. He then said that it was a natural process for him and always has been.

Speaking specifically about the role of Special Agent McGee on NCIS, Sean Murray said that fans have come to recognize him over the years. He said that at the beginning people would ask, “Are you the guy that’s on CSI or one of those things?” Then, it progressed. “It eventually became, ‘Oh! You’re on NCIS,’.” At the time of the interview, he said, “Eventually, at some point, it’s ‘Oh! You’re Sean Murray from NCIS,’.”