‘NCIS’ Star Sean Murray Opens Up on the ‘Awesome’ Experience of McGee Being Shot by Gibbs in Season 18

by Quentin Blount

Actor Sean Murray has been a key part of NCIS for an impressive 18 seasons now. But there is one specific moment that he recalls from the show as being “awesome.”

Most of us know Sean Murray by his NCIS name — Special Agent Timothy McGee. He has been with the show since the beginning. But fans were thrown for a loop when he was shot by his friend and colleague on the show, fellow special agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon).

Fans of the popular military crime show have had a few months now to process the moment of when Mark Harmon’s character Gibbs shot Sean Murray’s character McGee. It was no doubt a dramatic point in the show. But it was later cleared up in the episode why Gibbs had to take the shot. McGee was trying to make his way onto a plane filled with explosives in an effort to save Bishop (Emily Wickersham). But it turned out that Bishop wasn’t even on the plane. So, Gibbs had to make the choice to either shoot Mcgee in the arm, or risk him having his entire body blown up in an explosion.

Sean Murray sat down for an interview with TV Line back in January where he discussed shooting the impactful scene.

“You’ll see the extended version of what happens at the airport, and story-wise it’s pretty impactful. But just as far as the shooting of it, it was awesome. I got to do all kinds of stuff I hadn’t done before, especially as McGee — quite a bit of action stuff.”

‘NCIS’ Star Had His Hands Full While Shooting the Scene

It isn’t often that we as fans think about the behind-the-scenes process that goes into shooting a scene on television. Especially an intense scene such as a car chase, or a shootout. Murray told TV Line that when he showed up to shoot that particular day, he was a little overwhelmed with what was being asked of him.

“I remember showing up the morning we shot that sequence, and for the first shot, they say, ‘You’re going to be in a sedan behind that tower, you’re going to peel out around there, going left. You’re going to stay at about 30 miles per hour,” the NCIS star explained. “There will be four airplanes slowly taxiing, you’ll pull to the right at 60 miles per hour. When you get to the fourth plane, donut to the left, where you stop the plane and jump out of the car.'”

Sounds easy enough right? Murray said that after they told him what was going on, they handed him the keys. He was up for it and ended up crushing it.

“And then they handed me the keys! Like, ‘Are you good with this?’ I said, ‘Let’s go for it.’ It was a hell of a day.”