‘NCIS’ Star Sean Murray Talked About How His Character Has Grown Since Season One

by Katie Maloney

It’s always fun to watch your favorite characters on television shows grow throughout the show. And with over twenty years of episodes under its belt, “NCIS” has certainly grown a lot. And the characters on the show have grown as well. One of the easiest characters to pinpoint life changes through is actor Sean Murray who plays Special Agent Timothy McGee. Although there have been several character changes and actors who have left the show, Murray’s McGee has been with “NCIS” since the beginning. During an interview in 2020, Murray talked about how his character has changed since season one.

“You know I’ve actually had the opportunity to play a character who has grown quite a bit,” said Murray. “He’s evolved a lot since being a sort of stumbling rookie agent with no sort of social skills. To being a senior agent on the team and leading a number of cases and being able to be a really good agent and excel at what he does.”

Murray added that getting married and starting a family has helped his character grow a lot as well.

“It’s been great, the progression of the character. He got married, had kids, and that’s changed him quite a bit,” said Murray.

Murray also said that growth is important to him. Without growth, what’s the point of doing anything?

“It’s always been progressing which, to me is a really important thing,” said Murray. “If you’re not doing that, what are you doing?”

Has Sean Murray Grown Since Landing His Role On ‘NCIS’?

So, we know that he thinks his character on the show has grown. But what’s Sean Murray’s opinion of himself? Has he evolved since starting his time with “NCIS”? The answer is, of course! After twenty years on air, it would be almost impossible not to change at all. To start, Murray said that he’s learned how to stay healthy while on set. During the same interview, Murray talked about gaining and losing weight during his time on the show.

“Well we have been on for almost 20 years, so there’s going to be some changes on the way,” said Murray. “But, you know, it’s easy to get lazy on a set and eat a lot of food and do all that stuff. So you really try to watch yourself and take care of yourself as you can.”

Murray added that he started spending more of his free time, while on set, making healthy choices.

“When I’ve had some free time as of late to try and take care of myself and eat a lot better,” said Murray. “That stuff shows on me. I’m just one of those people where it shows on me. If I lose weight or gain weight, it shows on my face.”