‘NCIS’ Star Upgrades to an Even Bigger $4.85 Million Mansion

by Shelby Scott

Money doesn’t buy happiness, but it does buy you a $4.85 million mansion. Interestingly, that’s just what “NCIS” star and veteran Sean Murray (Timothy McGee) did. According to the outlet, the seasoned star dropped more than twice the amount he spent on his previous home. Murray’s old home was a specially designed structure in the Encino community of L.A.

The article shared that just months ago, Murray had invited People magazine to his Encino home. He apparently wanted to show off all the little details he and his wife Carrie had designed and revamped. According to the news outlet, some of those details included new room dividers, a dry bar, and some new tile designs incorporated into the couple’s large kitchen.

Nevertheless, Yahoo said that right when the interview and home-showing video debuted, the “NCIS” star began looking for a “substantially bigger and…fancier house.” Despite the chaos of the current housing market, Murray and his wife decided on their new 6,500 square-foot home that sits on about one-third of an acre in a very short time. According to the article, the mansion occupies the suburban Tarzana area of the San Fernando Valley.

Sean Murry’s Latest Digs are Spacious, Modern, and Way Out of Our Budget

Murray’s Encino home definitely offered a lot of pleasant and unique everyday comforts most people are strangers to. However, his new $4.85 million home in the Tarzana area of California features a lot more functional attributes as well as more space.

The “NCIS” star’s new mansion was built from the ground up in 2019 and, according to Yahoo!Life, does not feature any one particular architectural style or preference. Murray’s new home holds two stories that sport a total of six bedrooms and six and a half bathrooms. Guess no one will have to wait their turn for the shower.

Nicest of all, however, has to be the mansion’s open floor-plan. According to the Yahoo news outlet, Murray’s new place allows in a lot of natural light. Further, the living space gracefully connects to the resort-style backyard. Overall, the couple is set with a home that is both perfect for staying inside and enjoying everything sunny California has to offer.

While most Sean Murray fans know the actor from America’s favorite TV show, “NCIS,” few may realize he also played a part in the Halloween-favorite, “Hocus Pocus.” According to an earlier interview with Studio 10 cohost Tristan MacManus, Murray shared that he had fun playing a role in the movie. He was also happy that after an initial bust, the hit movie gained popularity.

Another interesting fact about “Hocus Pocus” itself is that the Halloween movie premiered in July that year. Truthfully, it could explain why the movie initially recieved little viewership.

Nevertheless, Murray’s part as boy-turned-cat Thackery Binx plays a huge role in the plot of the film. For major Sean Murray fans, we imagine you’ll want to stop and watch the classic film, catching the “NCIS” actor in his teenage days.