‘NCIS’ Star Wilmer Valderrama Is the Coolest Dude Around While Vacationing in Texas

by Anna Dunn

NCIS star Wilmer Valderrama just posted a fun photo while hanging out in El Paso, Texas. The actor, who got his start on That 70s Show, now plays Special Agent Nick Torres. His trip to El Paso also resulted in a trip to visit soldiers in Fort Bliss.

“Waking up with the giant…
Always igniting visiting this beautiful place..
Only my love to you El Paso,” Valderrama wrote.

“Beautiful picture!!! love you, Wilmer!!! As always, beyond proud of you,” one person commented.

Other fans, especially those who are from the city, were excited to welcome Valderrama to El Paso and wish him well on his trip. Valderrama gets some time off before filming for NCIS season 19 picks up again.

The ‘NCIS’ Star Revealed how He Thinks the Show Stays Fresh

After 18 seasons, it’s hard to imagine a show retaining its relevance in the way that NCIS has. The show remains the highest-rated scripted drama in the world. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight Canada, Valderrama talked about how that’s even possible.

“I always think it’s so fascinating how the writers are able to keep [NCIS] so fresh,” he said “They’ve also made a real partnership with us on the show. So, a lot of them really consult with the actors.”

In that environment, actors are allowed to be a part of the creative process in a special way. Apparently, the writers consult with the actors about everything from pieces of dialogue to overarching plotlines. Valderrama’s probably a good person to consult. The last thing he wants to have is a repeating storyline.

“I keep saying this, and I feel like I sound like a broken record when I say this. The last thing I want to do is something the show has seen before. I don’t want to do a storyline that the show has done before,” he said. “I’m all for giving the audience what they want but it’s important to me that we do something that is different.”

For longer shows, that’s harder to do, but NCIS seems to be managing alright. Regardless of if they want it to be or not, the series definitely won’t be the same when it comes back for season 19 this fall. Emily Wickersham, who played Special Agent Ellie Bishop on the show, has left the series.

Not only has Wickersham departed, but its rumored Mark Harmon is eyeing an exit as well, staying on the show for only a handful of episodes next season. It’ll be interesting to see if NCIS can keep holding on to its ratings without Harmon and Wickersham and what the writers will do to make things seem “fresh” without making it seem like a whole new show.