‘NCIS’ Star Wilmer Valderrama Described How the Cast Gets Along So Well

by Anna Dunn

In a 2020 instagram live, NCIS star Wilmer Valderrama talked about why the cast gets along so well.

“I get on with everyone super well. From Emily [Wickersham] to Sean [Murray] to Brian [Dietzen] and Mark [Harmon],” he said. He acknowledged that it may be a bit typical for an actor to say that he loves his cast, but swore there was just something special about the NCIS team.

“It’s such a cliché thing that everybody says when they talk about their cast members but there’s no fire drills on this show you know. [They] show up. They wanna be there and they like it. They love it, you know so, they’re prepared,” he said. The group works well because they genuinely like what they do, and bring that energy with them to the set.

“So when you show up to work together it’s just a joy,” he said.

That being said, Valderrama had to say goodbye to one of his favorite co-stars, Emily Wickersham. Wickersham left the show this year.

She played Agent Ellie Bishop, who had major romantic tension with Valderrama’s character, Agent Torres. Unfortunately, they simply shared one kiss before the two said goodbye and Ellie went undercover, never getting to fully explore the relationship.

Valderrama Also Has Love For The ‘NCIS’ Writers Room

While sometimes writers and actors clash, that’s definitely not the case with the NCIS writer’s room and the cast. In fact, the writer’s room sometimes consults the cast for ideas on how to keep things “fresh.”

“I think it’s so fascinating how the writers try to keep it so fresh,” he said in an ET Canada interview. “They have a real partnership with us on the show so a lot of them really consult with the actors.” He also gave some examples about what questions the writers will ask.

“‘Where do you think your character will go next? How does the character feel about this something?’” For actors and writers alike, working together can often bring in new perspectives.

“You know we’ve done a lot of work on our characters so it makes it fun for us to continue to be involved and, so for us, invested to perform those scenes,” Valderrama said.

Clearly, something is working. NCIS is the highest-rated drama on broadcast television. That’s a major success after almost two decades. Most shows start to lose steam around season 7 or so, but not NCIS. In fact, the show has produced three spinoffs. NCIS: New Orleans ran for seven seasons. NCIS: Los Angeles is still going, entering its 13th season this fall, and NCIS: Hawai’i has just begun shooting its first season.

Hopefully, the casts on the spinoffs have gotten the same sense of camaraderie that the NCIS cast has. If you’d like to see the next time Valderrama goes live, you can follow him on Instagram.