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‘NCIS’ Star Wilmer Valderrama Opens Up About New Show He’s Producing

by Suzanne Halliburton
Robert Voets/CBS

Wilmer Valderrama, aka Nick Torres on NCIS, is continuing to add new projects for his production company. This time, his team is skewering hipsters gentrifying a Hispanic neighborhood.

Valderrama posted the news on his Instagram account this week. He took a screenshot of an article from Deadline.com about the new show and added this caption:

“Another sunrise earned for our WV Entertainment,” the NCIS star wrote. “We are determined to elevate our stories while raising the bar of each genre, and these two gentlemen are visionaries I am proud to be side by side. Let’s continue to remind us who we are.. when we are on screen. S/O to Leo Klemm for your absolute exquisite taste on what should be at the forefront of what needs to be made. Kaitlin Saltzman, we got another one, if they only knew the resilience in our slate LOL.”

Valderrama Still Is on ‘NCIS.’ He’s EP for New Comedy

NCIS fans, don’t fear for Torres on this project. Valderrama is listed as an executive producer. The show is satire with the delightful name of Hipster Death Rattle. According to Deadline, the show is in production at the CW network. It’s also from CBS Studios and the show is based on a novel by Richie Narvaez.

The article says the show will be set in an “historically Latino neighborhood.” But hipsters are taking over. The series logline is “someone is killing the ‘woke’ yet pretentious new hipsters. But who? And worse – do the locals even care? The victims were just hiking up rent anyway!’”

Valderrama’s career is far more expansive than just being Nick Torres on NCIS. Last month he celebrated the premiere of Disney’s new animated movieEncanto. He brought his mother and fiancee to the premiere. He is one of the voice actors, portraying the dad, on the Lin Manuel Miranda project.

The NCIS star was born in Miami, but his family moved back to South America when he was a kid. His projects often amplify Hispanic voices and storylines.

In late October, Valderrama announced another project. His company is partnering with CBS to develop a new comedy called Mexican Beverly Hills. Valderrama is the EP. A column for the New York Times inspired the project.

Meanwhile, Valderrama is busy on NCIS. He’s played Torres since 2016. He’s one of the most popular characters on the long-running CBS procedural drama.

NCIS featured a new episode this past Monday called Collective Memory. The agents solved a murder case using an interactive hologram of the dead woman. The hologram made Torres nervous, so Jess (Katrina Law) did most of the conversing with it. You can check out the Outsider recap here.

NCIS returns Jan. 3 with a new episode called Pledge of Allegiance. In it, the agents try to crack the case of why someone is selling combat drone technology to the enemy. Rocky Carroll, who plays Leon Vance, is directing the episode, his third this season.