‘NCIS’ Star Wilmer Valderrama Set to Produce Animated Graphic Novel Movie

by Madison Miller

In addition to starring in the long-running crime series “NCIS,” Wilmer Valderrama also has his own entertainment company called VW Entertainment.

Over the years, he’s played a major role in developing important TV shows and movies for the screen. Recently, he’s snatched up a new graphic novel for development called “Aztán” in a deal with CBS Studios.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the current plan is to be on the lookout for a scribe to adapt the material into a television series instead. Once that happens, Valderrama will serve as an executive producer and Kaitlin Saltzman will be the co-executive producer. She is the vice president of the company and is Head of Scripted.

Eduardo Ancer wrote the graphic novel and Carlos Fabian Villa created the art. It is a Mesoamerican epic fantasy that is based on the Aztec myth regarding the Five Suns.

The epic graphic novel follows several voices as it explores warriors, royals, and rogues as they all take on the same thing — the race to gather each of the Masks of the Elemental Gods. The end goal is destruction. Each group wants to harness these powers to either prevent or create the collapse of the world as they know it.

Wilmer Valderrama is already boasting about the upcoming project on social media. He wrote on Instagram, “It’s an exciting time to create and develop an entire new world of content that evolves and elevates the narrative of many of the communities that haven’t seen their stories on a global [email protected] we keep leveling up.”

The graphic novel went from an independently published book with a Kickstarter campaign to now being under the wing of a successful production company.

Wilmer Valderrama Focus on Diversity and Other Projects

It seems as though the project supports Valderrama’s goals for diversity and inclusion he often speaks on.

He talked to People in 2019 about how his production company keeps diversity at the forefront.

“For me, it’s about finding those young filmmakers, producers and actors who have an innovative way and a unique way of looking at life … And can they be disruptive to any traditional format out there?” Valderrama said. He wants to “create a level of inclusion and diversity that comes from the origin story.”

This isn’t VW Entertainment’s first project. The company created the two animated films on Netflix “Dog Gone Trouble” and “Charming” as well. Wilmer Valderrama was also an executive producer for a CBS crime drama, “The Trail.” This show will focus on a group of investigators that work for the U.S. National Park Service. They work on high-profile cases in Yosemite National Park. The area has both beauty and danger. This has been in development since 2019 by CBS. It’s unclear where it’s at in the cycle as of now.

Similarly, ABC was given a script commitment with penalty to a future show called “The Turners,” according to Deadline. It is an autobiographical doctor’s comedy from Naomi Ekperigin. Both VW Entertainment and Two Shakes Entertainment were in on the show.