‘NCIS’ Star Wilmer Valderrama Speaks on ‘Moment of Reflection’ for Veteran’s Day

by Leanne Stahulak

“NCIS” star Wilmer Valderrama penned a heartfelt message to U.S. service members in honor of Veteran’s Day yesterday.

The actor wrote an entire op-ed piece on Military.com earlier showing his gratitude and dedication to the armed forces. Apparently, Valderrama started working with the United Service Organizations (USO) about 20 years ago after hearing about how much his work on “That 70s Show” meant to servicemen overseas.

“Supporting our armed forces has become a clear passion in my life; the more I get to know them and learn their backgrounds and stories, the more my respect for them grows,” Valderrama begins in his op-ed.

“The true meaning of Veterans Day has become more real to me each year as I continue to be amazed at the strength and resilience of those who have chosen to defend our nation and keep my family and me safe,” the “NCIS” star continued. “It has created a fire in my heart to ensure their honor lives on. On Nov. 11th my thoughts are with the incredible men and women whom I have met along my journey working with the USO. There has been no greater honor or reward of my career than spending time with you.”

The “NCIS” star goes on to talk about how the military embodies the meaning of E Pluribus Unum, which means “out of many, one.” He praised the differences in service members, who still manage to be “brought together by the same uniform, heart for service, and devotion to our country.”

Valderrama later ends the op-ed by thanking the troops and promising to do everything he can to support them. You can check out the full article in the tweet below.

“#VeteransDay has always been a moment of reflection and humble appreciation for me,” Valderrama captioned the tweet earlier. “Thank you, for giving us all the #AmericanDream & the freedom to be who we are. God bless you, and your families.”

‘NCIS’ Star Wilmer Valderrama Details His Morning and Night Routines

For “NCIS” star Wilmer Valderrama, sounds and music play a big part in his morning and evening routines. To start off each day, Valderrama cranks up one particular kind of music.

“The first thing I do when I wake up in the morning is turn on salsa music!” the actor told US Magazine.

Salsa music means a lot to Valderrama, whose mother is Colombian and whose father is Venezuelan. The “NCIS” was born in Miami, Florida, but he also spent portions of his life living in South America.

While Valderrama uses cheery, pick-me-up salsa music to start off his days, the actor switches things up when it’s time to wind down.

“The last thing I do before I go to sleep is turn on rain sounds,” Valderrama shared about his nightly routine.