‘NCIS’ Star Wilmer Valderrama Teases Tonight’s ‘Personal’ Episode With Emotional Clip

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Michael Yarish/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Get your tissues ready, because Torres is bringing the feels in the new “NCIS” episode, “False Start.” Wilmer Valderrama recently shared an emotional clip from the episode in which Torres reassures a young Naval student.

The student is getting angry about the fact that they haven’t caught his coach’s killer yet. Torres gets the kid to calm down by telling him to breathe.

He says, “I get what you’re going through.” The kid responds, “Doubt that.” Torres takes a minute, then asks him, “Coach was family, right.”

When the kid responds in the affirmative, Torres continues, “Well, I just lost some family too.” And you know he’s talking about Gibbs, and that makes the scene all the more emotional.

The kid asks, “What did you do?” and Torres spouts some true wisdom here; “I channeled my emotions into something positive.”

The kid is eager to get the investigation going and to help out. He says, “Something positive like what? Finding coach’s killer?”

Torres responds, “Like the time trials you have coming up.” He reassures the kid that they’ll get who did it by saying, “You run your race, you let us run ours.”

This scene is so special for Torres’ character development because we get to see him continue to grieve Gibbs leaving. He’s extremely upset over it to the point where he’s treating it like someone died. But, like he said, Gibbs was family. Torres considers his team a family, and now there’s a new stepdad in the picture and he doesn’t like it. How will Torres come to terms with his emotions and his grief throughout the season? Will he ever warm up to Alden Parker?

‘NCIS’: Fans Know How to Bring Gibbs Back

Gibbs officially left the NCIS at the end of the episode “Great Wide Open,” choosing to stay and live in Alaska. Subsequently, fans were and still are outraged by the change; Gibbs was a steady presence for 18 years, and suddenly he’s gone.

But, fans are devising ways to get him back, taking to Reddit to discuss their theories and ideas for future episodes.

“Background: the team was investigating a crime and leads to send some of team to Alaska,” one commenter wrote, planning out the imagined episode.

Another fan had a few options for the future. “Option 1: two probies (who have never met Gibbs) have to go with McGee but McGee gets delayed for whatever reason,” they wrote on Reddit. “Once they get to Alaska they begin investigating without McGee.”

The plans these fans have made involve more scenes between McGee and Gibbs; personally, I believe Torres really needs time with Gibbs at this point. He’s really going through it, and I think seeing Gibbs again would do him some good. Maybe endear Alden Parker to him a little bit, as well.