‘NCIS’ Stars Brian Dietzen and Sean Murray Showing Off Their Goofy Side in Hilarious Behind the Scenes ‘Fashion’ Pics

by Lauren Boisvert
(Photo by Greg Doherty/Getty Images)

If there was an official best-dressed award at the Met Gala, Sean Murray and Brian Dietzen surely would’ve won. Dietzen, who plays Jimmy Palmer on NCIS, posted a photo of himself with Murray, who plays McGee, striking a pose on set of NCIS.

He captioned the photo, “So we couldn’t make it to the #MetGala red carpet (working) but here’s what @SeanHMurray and I were going to wear, and here are our poses.” They are both in costume, Murray in a suit and purple shirt, Dietzen in blue scrubs.

What’s Next for ‘NCIS’?

There’s been some speculation on whether or not Gibbs is going to come back for season 19. Recently, CBS released a new poster featuring Gibbs front and center, and fans are taking that as a sign that he’s here to stay. According to CBS Entertainment president Kelly Kahl, the poster doesn’t mean anything, but fans still have hope.

In the season 18 finale, Gibbs and his boat were blown up by an unknown assailant; we saw Gibbs swim to shore, and assume he survives, but what does he do from there? Is he now considered “dead”? He’s already suspended from the NCIS, so he’s free to investigate the serial killer they’ve been dealing with in whichever way he wants. But, how is this going to affect the health of the team? Their unity? Without Gibbs, will they be okay?

New Timeslot, New Mysteries

Recently, CBS changed NCIS from its long-running Tuesday night timeslot to a new Monday slot at 9/8c. Said Kelly Kahl about the change in lineup, “We hope to improve the [Monday] time period significantly, and we hope that it can be a strong lead-in to help launch NCIS: Hawai’i.”

According to showrunner Steven D. Binder, NCIS wants to step away from the far-reaching arcs and get back to its roots. He told TV Line, “I think it’s time for us to sort of regroup and get back to telling good mysteries of the week with interesting characters, interesting stories and emotional hooks, and a satisfying ending.” Looks like we might be going back to NCIS’ early days, with stand-alone mysteries instead of long, drawn-out arcs. But will fans appreciate the shift? Will fans lose interest in the show airing on a new day and time?

Indeed, NCIS fans are dedicated; Kahl doesn’t predict there will be a huge drop in ratings with the new time. NCIS returns on September 20 in its new Monday slot; the new series NCIS: Hawaii also premieres right after at 10.