‘NCIS’ Stirs the Pot with Coy Post About Torres and Jessica Knight’s ‘Texting’

by Anna Dunn
Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

NCIS just stirred the pot on Twitter with a coy post about the texting between Agent Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) and Agent Jessica Knight (Katrina Law). The account posted a photo of the two of them with their phones and asked fans what the two were texting each other about.

“What are these two texting about?” the Twitter account for the show prompted and included emojis that told fans to reply.

Lots of fans noted that they hoped they weren’t teasing any romance. Torres only just said goodbye to Agent Bishop, after actress Emily Wickersham decided to depart the series. The “will they won’t they” between Torres and Bishop was, therefore, cut short, ending in a quick goodbye kiss as Bishop left NCIS to go on an undercover mission.

Jessica Knight has essentially taken Agent Bishop’s place on the series, and while most fans are liking her so far, not many people want to see a romance between her and Torres just yet.

“No idea but you better not be breaking up bishop and Torres,” one fan noted. Fans were quick to correct this person, however. Bishop already left and the two actually never got a chance to start dating in the first place.

“Nick’s telling her Ellie is coming back and she needs to get another desk,” another fan who misses Bishop wrote.

“They have no chemistry so please don’t put them into a relationship,” another fan wrote. Romances can be fun, but they’re never fun when they don’t feel real.

‘NCIS’ Fans Had to Say Two Big Goodbyes This Year

In 2021 alone, fans had to say goodbye to Agent Bishop actress Emily Wickersham along with Mark Harmon, who played Agent Gibbs on the show for over two decades. Mark Harmon’s exit was an existential problem for NCIS. Fans wondered if the show would even be worth watching without Gibbs.

But even without Gibbs, it seems like there’s still plenty of fans willing to Give the Show a shot. On top of the addition of Katrina Law, the show also added popular actor Gary Cole to the team, and since Cole’s character, Alden Parker, has taken over Gibbs’ duties, fans are actually liking him.

Though, of course, many people still miss Gibbs and Ellie. The adjustment period is definitely a big one, and it’s still up in the air how long NCIS will continue after so many changes to its cast. But in the meantime, the show’s been able to hang on.

If you want to see how the show is doing with this newer cast, you can tune in to CBS on Monday Nights at 9/8 Central. However, the show is on a bit of a hiatus and won’t be back until Monday, November 29th.