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‘NCIS’ Looks To Have a New Team Leader in Gary Cole’s Alden Parker

by Jonathan Howard
Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Like the sneak peek of NCIS showed, it appears that Gary Cole’s Alden Parker is going to lead the team for the time being. Leroy Jethro Gibbs is out of the picture and the show is moving on. Now, there is a new leader in the office.

It was earlier today that fans saw a sneak peek of the new episode, and it gave a clear depiction of what was to come. The team found themselves taking direction from FBI Special Agent Parker and even he admitted it was strange. However, it would seem Timothy McGee might have a future in the long-term when Parker is no longer needed.

That would make sense, but it turns out McGee doesn’t want it. He saw what Gibbs went through and what it cost him. As a family man, the longtime agent couldn’t take the job. The hours and the paperwork alone were enough to deter McGee. He had other reservations about the job when talking with Torres.

“It was Gibbs that shot me. Twice. He put two bullets through me. It saved my life. It hurt like hell getting shot, but I can’t imagine what it felt like pulling the trigger. Who can do that? Could I do that?”

McGee has seen what the leadership role takes ever since season one. Perhaps this isn’t the last we hear of McGee leading the team, he could come around. However, don’t hold your breath. The agent says he can’t be the guy who can pull that trigger.

“If there’s anything I learned from Gibbs, it’s that this job is all-consuming. You know what the guy had to do to escape? He had to go to Alaska. I’ve got a family, Nick. It can’t be me. I can’t do it. It’s that simple.”

Alden Parker Could Take Permanent Role as NCIS Leader

At first, Alden Parker was asked if he would take the job, he turned it down. However, it is looking like he could stick around for a while. Whether he takes off the unofficial interim tag he seems to have now remains to be seen. He is taking the lead as of now and the team is following his direction. Some are more comfortable than others with the new change.

“I just wanted to see what a regular day was like,” Alden said, “and I was told it might spook the locals if I had plans to step in. It wasn’t my idea.” It is assumed that Gibbs is the one who told him those things. It isn’t officially revealed what Alden says when asked to take over the NCIS team, but fans should look to him as the guy for now.

Ducky, always the one with wise words, had this to say about the matter. “Change is the essence of life. Jethro is living life again. Our pain is a small price for us to pay for his peace.”