‘NCIS’ Teases a ‘Family Affair’ in Upcoming Episode

by Shelby Scott
Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Throughout “NCIS'” long 19 seasons on CBS, the essence of the hit crime drama features the importance of family and remaining true to that family. That is, even if that family isn’t blood-related.

Now, next week debuts another new episode for our latest season. And “NCIS” promises this Monday will be a “family affair.” Check out the photos below.

We’re not sure what exactly we should expect from the upcoming episode of “NCIS.” However, we can at least see from the franchise’s photos that one beloved recurring character is making another return.

Additionally, there’s no doubt Outsiders adore Special Agent Timothy McGee. That is especially true since he’s taken over as “NCIS'” senior agent and the now-longest running character on set. However, what we love even more are special guest appearances by none other than the character’s dynamic wife, Delilah Fielding. And what better way to announce the character’s appearance than with an epically sweet kiss shared with Agent McGee?

For those who need the reminder, Delilah serves as an intelligence analyst for the Department of Defense. If she features this week, then surely NCIS has quite the mission on its hands.

Nevertheless, while we can’t wait to see what case the team takes on this week on “NCIS,” we’re even more interested as to what role Delilah will be playing. After all, following the heartbreaking departure of Gibbs’ Mark Harmon, it will definitely be a relief to see one familiar face return.

‘NCIS’ Cast is a Tight-Knit Crew

This week’s family affair is sure to remind Outsiders the central value among our favorite “NCIS” team. However, while the fictional characters clearly develop a familial bond, it’s interesting to learn about those same cast members behind the scenes.

“NCIS” star Diona Reasonover is by no means one of the show’s newest characters. However, for longtime fans, the forensic scientist is still a newbie compared to Sean Murray and Brian Dietzen. That’s in addition to departed cast members such as, of course, Mark Harmon, Pauley Perrette, and Michael Weatherly to name just a few.

Nevertheless, as we might expect from our “NCIS” cast members, they welcomed the actress with open arms.

Reasonover previously revealed during an interview with Pop Culturist after joining “NCIS,” “I felt like I was starting at a new school and everyone was so much farther ahead of me.”

However, soon enough she stated, “I learned the kind of set that I value. I really value people who work hard and the family aspect of being on the ‘NCIS’ set.”

“Everybody is there for one another,” Reasonover said.

That’s what we love about “NCIS.” On or off the screens, everyone is family. 19 seasons later, it’s why Outsiders still return to CBS each week.