‘NCIS’ Teases Mark Harmon’s Gibbs Is Missing in First Episode Synopsis

by Shelby Scott

“NCIS” fans have spent the last several months speculating possibilities surrounding the season 19 premiere. Recently, internet threads have been abuzz with concerns surrounding Mark Harmon‘s potential exit from the NCIS team. Additionally, we’ve received confirmations concerning several major characters’ returns. Regardless, however, the “NCIS” first episode synopsis teases that the premiere will not feature the beloved Special Agent Gibbs.

SPOILERTV didn’t specifically state that Gibbs will be missing from the premiere. However, the episode one synopsis hints that the opener focuses primarily on the “NCIS” team’s efforts to locate Gibbs. “Blood in the Water,” the title for season 19’s first episode, boasts a painfully brief description. Showrunners simply left fans with, “As the NCIS team searches for Gibbs after wreckage from his boat is discovered, they find out he was tracking a serial killer with journalist Marcie Warren.”

The synopsis provides little else, simply recapping that Warren had previously done an exposé on Agent Gibbs.

CBS has provided fans the absolute bare minimum synopsis. Truthfully, the only conclusive thing is that “NCIS” season 19’s premiere lacks an appearance by Agent Gibbs actor Mark Harmon.

The good news is, however, the plotline surrounding Gibbs‘ disappearance continues. The fact is apparent as the “NCIS” team actively begins looking into the case. For anxious “NCIS” fans, any confirmation pointing to a potential Gibbs appearance is good news.

‘NCIS’ Showrunners Shared Painstaking Steps to Create Season 18’s Finale

“NCIS” has left fans spiraling since the explosion of Gibbs’ boat Rule 91 at the end of season 18. While we’re still left to contemplate the fate of both Special Agent Gibbs and “NCIS” itself, showrunners previously shared the painstaking steps production took to leave season 18’s finale as wide open as possible.

According to showrunner, Steven D. Binder, the cast and crew spent a lot of time filming that particular sequence of “NCIS.”

“We shot a lot of different things for that [sequence],” the “NCIS” showrunner said. “And what we left with,” he continued, “was something that we felt left all possibilities open.”

Fans were on the edge of their seats following the boat’s explosion, however, cast and crew members were gracious enough to provide the slightest amount of relief as Gibbs swam away from the wreckage of Rule 91.

“We know he’s not dead right there,” Binder said. He followed up with, “and we know he’s able to swim well enough.” The fact that the NCIS agent is able to abandon the wreckage of the boat proves that, at the very least, Gibbs must make it to shore.

“All things are still possible with Gibbs,” he wrapped up. And boy, isn’t that the truth. Since the explosive season finale, fan theories have emerged left and right, predicting all kinds of possibilities for the special agent. “NCIS” fans have already predicted that Gibbs staged the boat’s explosion, which may help to explain his ability to swim away from the scene.

Others predict that he’s faked his death to pursue a merciless serial killer on his own terms. Also a very Gibbs-like thing to do.

Either way, season 19 of “NCIS” promises to bring a lot of changes and surprises, but most importantly, we hope it gives Outsiders a sense of closure regarding season 18’s cliffhanger finale.