‘NCIS’: If They Could Only Watch One Episode for the Rest of Their Lives, Here’s Which Ones Fans Are Picking

by Shelby Scott

CBS‘s hit show, “NCIS,” just kicked off its 19th season and it’s been nothing if action-packed since the premiere. Monday debuts its third brand new episode. As such, “NCIS” fans have followed an impressive total number of episodes soaring way past 300. However, recently, fans faced an almost impossible question. Were “NCIS” fans only able to watch one episode of the crime drama for the rest of their lives, the following are their picks.

Obviously, considering the immensely huge collection of “NCIS” episodes so far, choosing a single episode is immensely difficult. However, when “NCIS” shared the question on Twitter, fans bombarded the post with a flurry of different answers. And many fans became entirely overwhelmed.

Immediate responses consisted of answers claiming there are way too many options to choose from. Others broadly stated any episode with a highlight on Gibbs is a sure winner. Other “NCIS” fans, as we typically do, reflected back on Tony DiNozzo and Ziva David’s time on the show.

Several responses pointed to Season 7, Episode 1, entitled “Truth or Consequences.”

The season 7 kick-off episode places a heavy emphasis on Ziva David’s exit from “NCIS.” It follows how the team works to overcome the loss amid their work. During an unrelated investigation, however, they learn Ziva has possibly been killed in the Middle East. Rapidly, they endeavor to find her.

Overall, it’s a dramatic and adrenaline-pumping episode that sees the team reunited again. Other fans highlighted “Family First,” another Ziva/Tony-centric episode.

‘NCIS’ Alum Michael Weatherly Riles Up Social Media

While we’re on the topic of “NCIS” alumni Michael Weatherly (Tony DiNozzo) and Cote de Pablo (Ziva David), let’s address the former’s latest self-inspired frenzy on Twitter.

Wednesday saw the iconic “NCIS” alum Michael Weatherly share an iconic throwback photo from the series’ hallmark 200th episode. The photo itself features Weatherly’s character DiNozzo interrogating David. The latter features as a potential criminal rather than working side by side as Tony’s partner. The overall theme of the episode sees Agent Gibbs imagining his team in alternate realities.

Alongside the post, Weatherly wrote, “Let’s just say…they ended up in Paris.”

The suggestion is likely true as DiNozzo headed to that location to tend to his and David’s daughter, Tali. Although, we never really got a happy ending surrounding fan-favorite couple #TIVA.

However, as season 19 of “NCIS” has just kicked off and this is the second seemingly cryptic post-Weatherly has shared surrounding the premiere, could Outsiders perhaps see a brief return of the iconic butt-kicking couple on CBS’s beloved crime drama?

As “NCIS” fans well know, we’ve been disappointed by some of the show’s plotlines developments several times before, most recently following the departure of Agent Ellie Bishop. However, as the fate of “NCIS” and its patriarch, Mark Harmon, remains uncertain following season 19, perhaps showrunners will give us the TIVA happy ending we’ve been dying for season after season.