‘NCIS’: This Gibbs Gun Continuity Error Could Have Led to Catastrophic Consequences

by Shelby Scott

“NCIS” fans are hyperaware that Agent Gibbs favors his pistol over any other kind of weapon. After all, the first episode features Gibbs in a showdown with a terrorist taking fire from a repeating automatic weapon. Meanwhile, our favorite agent stands unprotected and open to flying bullets with nothing but a pistol. However, despite the way Gibbs seems to keep his favored weapon on his hip or nearby at all times, a season two episode error reveals the special agent may not be as attentive to his weapon as he typically appears.

One observant “NCIS” fan pointed to season two’s episode “Conspiracy Theory.” This particular episode featured a discrepancy in the placement of Gibbs’ gun throughout. “Conspiracy Theory” entails the murder-disguised-as-suicide of a Petty Officer Jessica Smith.

The fan pointed out that earlier in the episode, Gibbs put his gun in his desk drawer, a favored spot for the special agent. He then went to meet FBI Agent Fornell. The fan shared, “Gibbs puts his gun in his drawer on a blue folder then goes to talk to Fornell in the lift.”

What ‘NCIS’ Fans Discovered Upon Gibbs’ Return

After Gibbs returned, the fan noticed a major difference in the location of Gibbs’ gun within the drawer. There was also a change to the contents within. “When he comes back, he picks his gun up and the contents of the drawer and position of the gun have completely changed,” the fan said.

Fans described this discrepancy as a huge plot hole. They also pointed out it was one of the few times in show history the special agent didn’t notice those small details he is famed for recognizing.

Additionally, an Express article suggested that the incident could have easily signified a case of someone tampering with the gun. They even suggest the weapon could have been switched out entirely. However, I’m not sure how possible that is as the gun wasn’t only moved but the entire contents of the drawer were switched out. And prior to the swap, the gun lay surrounded by colorful sticky notes and a notepad. However, I’m not convinced any criminal interested in hijacking Gibbs’ gun would also hijack his notepaper and sticky notes.

Nevertheless, the episodic error is definitely up for interpretation. Especially because Gibbs, who famously notices every little change, did not notice this rather, well, noticeable one. I’m interpreting it as a production or set design error.

Fans Contine To Ponder Special Agent Gibbs’ Fate On The ‘CBS’ Hit Show

“NCIS” fans have plenty of Gibbs-centric episodes to watch as we wait for the season 19 premiere. And this new season promises a lot of what appears to be some difficult changes concerning Team Leader Agent Gibbs.

As the media’s been describing, there is much speculation surrounding Gibbs’ fate following the season 18 finale. After months of waiting, September’s season premiere will hopefully shed some light as to where Gibbs ends up. In addition, we hopefully learn who will head the team, and, most importantly, which cast members will remain on “NCIS.” Following fan favorite Michael Weatherly’s departure from the show following season 16, it feels as though original cast members are departing the team left and right.

For now, I encourage “NCIS” fans to prepare for many surprises and, just in case, major heartbreak depending on how the season 19 premiere goes.