‘NCIS’: Two Fan-favorite Characters Finally Kiss in Insane Season Finale

by Joe Rutland

Fans of “NCIS” have been wondering if there would ever be some type of romantic chemistry between two favorite characters. Wonder no more.

Bishop and Torres kissed. Yes, Ellie Bishop, played by Emily Wickersham, shared a sweet smack with Nick Torres, played by Wilmer Valderrama. There has been some teasing between Bishop and Torres but nothing along the lines of a kiss.

It’s one of the many things that have made Tuesday night’s “NCIS” season finale truly wild. It’s looked like both of them were going to get together for a long time. Well, they finally kiss. Torres, though, says she has to leave to go undercover.

‘NCIS’ Finale Has Bishop Caught Up Leaking Secret Intell

Bishop, though, is in a heap of trouble. Agents found NSA documents at a house owned by a gunrunner. When the NSA did a document search, they figured out Bishop was the last person to handle that paperwork a decade ago. She leaked secret intel.

Bishop confessed and quit “NCIS.” Her future, though, might be behind bars. She planted those documents so she could get caught as she was training to go undercover, probably for the CIA.

Torres figured out what she was doing and tracked her down to her handler’s home. He confronts her, saying she needed to be a disgraced NSA/NCIS to be believable in her next assignment. Torres demands to know why she didn’t tell him.

That’s when “The Kiss Heard ‘Round ‘NCIS'” takes place.

‘NCIS’ Fans Having Some Unique Reactions To Bishop, Torres Kiss

Where does this leave the kiss between these two for the future? That’s yet to be determined.

Fans were having different reactions to this event on social media.

One fan named Tanya tweeted, “Omg Torres & Bishop finally kissed and now Bishop is leaving?????”

Another fan named Jaelin tweeted, “About time Bishop & Torres kissed. Bad timing with everything going on but still…”

Finally, one more fan named BJG77 might have asked the most important question via Twitter. “So how long has the Bishop/Torres thing going on? What is their paring called… Borres? NickEl? I’m sure it’s out there.”

Fans of “NCIS” will have to wait until next season to see what happens with all the events from Tuesday night’s season finale.