‘NCIS’ Upcoming Episode Will Feature ‘Home Improvement’ Star

by Lauren Boisvert

A former “Home Improvement” star will take a turn on the upcoming episode of “NCIS”. Turns out, she has a close link to McGee. Patricia Richardson, most widely known for playing Jill Taylor on “Home Improvement,” will play McGee’s mother-in-law, Judy, in the new episode, titled “Docked.”

In the episode, Judy finds a body in the sauna on a cruise ship; the NCIS team then goes to investigate. McGee’s home and work life collide when it’s revealed that Judy is his mother-in-law; can he separate the two, or will there be conflict of interest because his family is involved?

So far, it doesn’t seem like Judy is the killer, but you never know what the writers will throw at us next. McGee’s sister was involved in a crime in an early season; in the season 4 episode “Twisted Sister,” Sarah McGee shows up at her brother’s apartment covered in blood and no memory of what she did the night before. The two investigate on their own instead of going to the police; it turns out she was drugged and made to believe she killed someone.

So, the “NCIS” writers have messed with McGee’s family before. But, it seems like this episode is going to be a lighthearted break from the grief-fest “NCIS” has been the past few episodes. We’re getting back into familiar territory with mysteries-of-the-week. Also, we get to watch McGee try to interrogate his mother-in-law; that certainly won’t go well.

‘NCIS’: Sean Murray on Which Director He Most Wants to Work With

In a 2017 interview with Forbes, Sean Murray revealed himself to be a deeply multi-faceted man. Not only is he a successful actor, playing McGee for nearly 19 years on “NCIS,” but he makes his own music and cleans up the oceans. He also seems to have an appreciation for experimental filmmaking, if his favorite director is anything to go by.

“David Lynch’s footprint and brain is all over everything he makes,” Murray said in the interview. “He is a true artist as far as how he goes about making his work.” Truly, some of the more bizarre films out there are David Lynch masterworks. He’s got a mind that won’t quit, and it spins out genuinely unique stories.

“Many of his films feel like you’re looking at a Monet,” Murray eloquently continued. “If you’re too close, all you see are blobs of color. It doesn’t always make sense. But if you take a little step back and see how everything connects.”

Lynch’s films include “Dune,” “Mulholland Drive,” “Eraserhead,” and “Blue Velvet.” He is probably most known for creating the series “Twin Peaks” in 1990. Murray spoke about his love of “Twin Peaks” in the interview and how Lynch influences him as an actor.

“Sometimes it’s almost a dream logic,” he said. “He is very special and continues to inspire me. Watching the first episode of Twin Peaks hooked me like nothing else. I really hope to work with him one day. It’s one of my biggest aspirations.”