‘NCIS’: Was Gibbs Trying to Setup Ziva and Dinozzo in Early Seasons of Series?

by Jacklyn Krol

Did Gibbs know that his two NCIS agents were meant to be?

A fan on Reddit believes that Agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs was setting up Ziva David and Tony DiNozzo all along. Gibbs frequently paired the two agents together to go on assignments. Was this coincidence or did he have an ulterior motive?

“I’m rewatching and have come to the conclusion that Gibbs was setting up Ziva and Tony to fall in love,” @Consistent-Manager-1 wrote.

While some fans agreed that Gibbs could have suspected that they could become a couple, others aren’t convinced.

Another user noted that McGee was the new agent and didn’t have as much field experience as the other two. Meaning, he should go with Gibbs or another agent. He’s also a tech wizard and could help out with the computer side of the case from the offices if needed while the other two with field seniority went out.

They later added, “What purpose would that serve? Gibbs has a rule specifically against agent romances. So, very highly unlikely that he would set one up. He doesn’t tend to be hypocritical like that.”

Another ‘NCIS’ Theory

In another Reddit post, @azulamazing and NCIS fans pointed out aspects of the character of Ziva David that make her untrustworthy. Ziva came into the series as the brother of the terrorist that killed former NCIS agent Kate. Ziva later killed him as he was a threat and it was “in the name of justice.” The user explained that this makes her a poor judge of character since she was not only his sibling but his handler. As a handler, to have an agent go rogue and kill people is unacceptable.

The author noted that Ziva was added to the team without a say from Gibbs. She also should have been a United States citizen as NAVY operatives need to live in the country and be able to pass a security clearance. With her background and brother, it was unlikely that she would have been approved. What does the team have to gain from her to begin with? Wouldn’t she be a better asset for a foreign intelligence team like the CIA?

“And they’re just… letting a foreign operative in on all this? For what purpose? What benefit does Mossad get from the job Ziva is doing on the books? When does she ever ‘liaise’?” the fan concluded.

Do you think any of these theories are correct? Let us know!