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‘NCIS’: What to Expect From Upcoming Return Episode, ‘The Helpers’

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

“NCIS” is finally coming back after the Olympics, and it’s going to be a big episode for us. Titled “The Helpers,” we’re finally getting Brian Dietzen’s co-written episode, after waiting so long. The episode airs on February 28 on CBS. Here’s what we can expect from “The Helpers.”

First of all, it looks like Kasie and Palmer are exposed to some sort of deadly biotoxin in the lab and must quarantine. To be honest, the don’t look good at all; Palmer is pale, and sweaty, with a bloody nose, and Kasie isn’t faring much better. At one point, they’re both laying on the floor, holding hands; it seems like they’ve given up, or at least are resigned to their fates.

Meredith Eaton also returns as CDC researcher Carol Wilson. She’s brought in to evaluate the situation, find out what the biotoxin is, and how to combat it. Eaton is a fan favorite, and hasn’t been on the show in some time. Seeing her again will definitely be a treat.

It also looks like this “NCIS” episode is going to be a big one for Torres, as well. In the previous episode, “Fight or Flight,” he had an emotional breakthrough with Palmer, and explored a bit of why he’s so angry all the time. He feels abandoned by his love interest, and his mentor, and feels like no one cares about him. He’s been pushing his co-workers and friends away, and basically self-destructing. His talk with Palmer probably put things into perspective, but now he’s at the start of his emotional journey. He has a long way to go, but his friends are there with him. He needs to realize that all the people at the NCIS really do care about him.

Could Ziva David Return for ‘NCIS: Sydney’?

In addition to a new episode coming, “NCIS” is also launching a new part of the franchise; “NCIS: Sydney” is going to take place in none other than Sydney, Australia. It’s going to feature local Australian actors and crew, and is headed up by Aussie and “NCIS: Los Angeles” creator Shane Brennan. Fans love “NCIS: LA,” so it looks like the new series is in good hands.

But, the question we’re all asking is, could Ziva return for the new series? Fans would happily welcome her back, as both the character and actor Cote de Pablo are definite favorites. Apparently, there’s still a door open for her to come back. But, how would that work with her current storyline? Right now, we assume she’s still in Paris with Tony and their daughter, Tali. So, what would bring her to Australia?

Would she go to Australia by herself, or would she bring the whole family? I can just imagine Ziva going back to work for NCIS while Tony stays at home as a house husband; seeing the family together every once in a while, exploring their home life. That’s the dream, anyway. There’s no news that Ziva or Tony could return to “NCIS,” so we’re just speculating here. Honestly, it would be nice, though.