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‘NCIS’: What Legacy Does Mark Harmon Leave on the Show

by Shelby Scott
Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2020 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Playing Leroy Jethro Gibbs for 19 seasons, “NCIS” actor Mark Harmon has left a void in the CBS show. Harmon wrapped up his character’s time on the show during this season’s fourth episode. Now, “NCIS” fans continue to work through the grief caused by Gibbs’ departure. On the other hand, the star’s fellow cast members have shared their thoughts regarding the longtime actor. Several addressed the legacy which he’s left imprinted on “NCIS.”

Additionally, and based on observations from other “NCIS” stars, we’re sure that whoever fills Mark Harmon’s role on the show faces much pressure. Following the show’s launch in 2003, the Gibbs actor has established a prominent trait consistent to his personality.

‘NCIS’ Stars Share Insight Regarding Mark Harmon

In 2009, “NCIS” alum Michael Weatherly, who previously played Special Agent Anthony DiNozzo, emphasized Harmon’s genuine air. Of his fellow star, Weatherly said, “[Harmon is] a very rare person in this business because there’s no assistant, no entourage.” Much like his own “NCIS” character, it appears Harmon functions best as an independent individual. The DiNozzo actor added, “Mark is largely just a very straightforward, approachable, calm, assertive guy. He’s not a people pleaser.”

Well, that explains why he embodies Gibbs so well; neither of them are.

Later, several years after her own departure from “NCIS,” former Ziva David actress Cote de Pablo shared her own perceptions about Gibbs’/Harmon’s legacy. “We were always trying to infuse [scenes] with different things,” de Pablo previously shared. “Mark has been [on ‘NCIS’] for years, and he’s still bringing it.”

And with that, we have to agree. At the age of 70, Harmon spent two decades refining both his own character and the progression of “NCIS.”

As season 19 ensues, we won’t likely see the actor back on the set of the hit show any time soon. However, to the relief of “NCIS” fans, we can take comfort knowing Harmon’s remained an executive producer on “NCIS.”

Fans Adapt to New Face

Following rumors of Mark Harmon’s departure near the end of last season and confirmation just recently, “NCIS” faces many transformations. Last season saw the departure of Ellie Bishop as she recently announced her pregnancy.

This season, we lost the show’s patriarchal character, Leroy Jethro Gibbs. As such, showrunners have replaced the beloved and iconic character with Gary Cole, who plays former FBI agent Alden Park. Initially, the new character received mixed reactions, fans reluctant to see anyone take Gibbs’ place. Although it appears fans have finally begun to adjust to the hard-edged, yet slightly less abrasive agent.

While this week, “NCIS” does not plan to air any new episodes, we can look forward to seeing more of Park’s growth during the new episode, “False Promises,” airing November 1st.