‘NCIS’: What Potential Crossovers Could We See in Season 19?

by Suzanne Halliburton

It’s time to debut a new NCIS franchise. So that means some crossover shows are in our future.

It’s a near given that NCIS, which is entering its 19th season, will use its current cast to help introduce NCIS: Hawai’i. That’s the new show replacing the gang in New Orleans. That show, starring Scott Bakula, ended its seven-season run with a well-watched series finale.

If NCIS follows protocol, Leroy Jethro Gibbs (Mark Harmon) and another one of the agents will make their way to the Pearl Harbor office in Hawaii. They’ll introduce themselves to Jane Tennant, the special agent in charge. She’s played by Vanessa Lachey. They all will investigate a case that has ties in both Washington, D.C. and Hawaii.

That’s how NCIS got the Los Angeles franchise off the ground. It was a two-part episode. Gibbs and McGee flew to LA to investigate the death of a Marine. However, they uncovered a terrorist cell in Southern California.

To launch NCIS: New Orleans, Gibbs and Bishop flew to the Crescent City to help Dwayne Cassius Pride track down a copy cat killer.

Now, Gibbs showing up in Hawaii could be a problem to launch a new franchise. That’s mainly because it looked like he faked his own death in the NCIS season 18 finale. As the episode Rule 91 ends, Gibbs’ boat blows up as he’s out for the first time on a lake. The camera shows Gibbs alive, as he swims away from the wreckage. But his most pressing issue is why anyone needed to blow up a boat. His first priority probably won’t be flying to a scenic island to help Jane Tennant and the new crew solve a case.

Maybe the ‘NCIS’ LA Crew Will Welcome Hawaii

So maybe the agents from NCIS: Los Angeles will do the welcoming. At least the geography makes better sense since both offices are close to the Pacific Ocean. The LA folks also have done lots of crossovers.

Or, it may be as simple as sending Leon Vance, since he is the director. Rocky Carroll, who plays Vance, popped in and out of LA. He’s just a single character, so it’s easy to write him into new episodes.

And because the NCIS shows have large ensemble casts, only one or two of the agents or medical examiners need to be involved in a crossover. We’re anticipating all sorts of ripped-from-the-headlines kind of cases. Eric Christian Olsen, who plays Deeks on the LA show, already has volunteered for a Hawaii assignment.

CBS did the unthinkable when the network announced its new season. NCIS, which was a Tuesday staple for 18 seasons, is moving to Monday nights. The new Hawaii show will follow it. So it makes a lot more sense in the story flow to send someone from Gibbs crew to welcome the new folks.

Could the new season get here quickly enough?