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‘NCIS’: What’s the Season End Game for Torres?

by Lauren Boisvert
Photo: Sonja Flemming/CBS ©2022 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Torres has been going through it recently on “NCIS.” He feels unloved, and abandoned by people he cared about. He definitely needs to go to therapy, but I guess talking to Palmer is the next best thing. In the most recent episode, he more or less revealed to Palmer why he’s been so distant with his friends and co-workers. So, what’s the end game here? Where is Torres’ story going on “NCIS”?

According to Brian Dietzen, who co-wrote the upcoming episode “The Helpers,” Torres is going on a journey; of self-improvement, self-reflection, hopefully something to do with the self. He needs to look inside himself and figure out why he’s so angry all the time. Is it really because Bishop and Gibbs left, or is it something deeper?

So, Torres is going on a journey; where is it going to lead him? Hopefully to some professional help; it’s difficult to work through issues like this on your own. But, “NCIS” has never featured therapy as an option for its main characters, not like “Law & Order: SVU” has. Both Benson and Stabler have frequently been in therapy, but “NCIS” hasn’t really explored its characters’ mental health like that. Could this be the first time?

So, here’s where I think Torres’ story is headed. He’s going to have a hard time in the upcoming episode seeing Palmer affected by the biotoxin. He may die, and right now Torres considers Palmer the only person who cares about him. That’s not true, of course, but that’s where Torres may be mentally.

He’s going on a journey of self-improvement, and this is the first step. End game? He goes to therapy, comes back and apologizes to his friends for ever doubting them, and they have a group hug.

‘NCIS’: Brian Dietzen Praises Wilmer Valderrama’s Performance

Speaking to TV Line about the upcoming episode, Brian Dietzen took a moment to praise his co-star on his performance. “Wilmer just kind of knocks it out of the park,” he said. “There are a couple of moments that definitely got me, you know?”

We definitely can’t wait to find out what that means. Valderrama is great at playing Torres as moody, angsty, and withdrawn, which is how he’s been for most of season 19. It’ll be interesting to see him more vulnerable and sensitive and see how “NCIS” handles him like that.

As for “The Helpers,” the episode airs on February 28 and brings back fan-favorite Meredith Eaton as CDC researcher Carol Wilson. When Kasie and Palmer are exposed to a deadly biotoxin, the NCIS calls in Wilson to work her magic and find out what infected them. Additionally, Palmer’s daughter Victoria is there, and Palmer sees a vision or shares a memory of his dead wife, we’re not sure which, yet. Either way, it’s possible that he’s going to get some much-needed closure about her death.