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‘NCIS’: Where’s All the Romance in Season 19?

by Taylor Cunningham
Photo: Cliff Lipson/CBS ©2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Season 19 of NCIS has been packed with action and drama. But fans have noticed that something is missing—love. Where is all the love?

We get it. NCIS isn’t a romance, and we never thought the show was supposed to give us all the feels. But most years, a few characters get a steamy subplot (think Tony and Ziva or Sloane and Gibbs). However, those sorts of relationships have been completely missing from the newest season of CBS’s drama.

It’s possible that the writers are planning on taking a brief hiatus from romantic stories for a while. Since Gibbs left the show, a lot of damage control has to be done. He was arguably the highest-billed actor on the series, and each story relied on his face and 18-year wisdom. And now that Alden Parker is at the helm, and the series is marching on without Gibbs, they need to rebuild the main plots.

But once Parker finds his place on NCIS, we’d like to think the characters will get back to their love lives. And one of the agents we’d like to see getting out there is Jessica Knight. When Knight first joined the show this year, she was supposedly with an off-screen stay-at-home dad. But it seems as though the writers have ditched that story altogether and made the agent a single lady. And there seems to be a lot of chemistry between her and Torres.

Torres and Knight get a lot of screen time together, and the two certainly get along well. They also share quite a few hobbies and interests. So it’s possible that the writers are building a story for later episodes or seasons.

In any case, we’ll just have to settle for subtle subtext when it comes to NCIS love stories and enjoy the show for what is it—an action series.

‘NCIS’: Vance Actor Rocky Carroll Explained How Cast Members Joining and Leaving Show Affects Him

NCIS has been ruling the airwaves for 18 years, which is almost unheard of for a television series. And because of the show’s age, we’ve watched quite a few cast members come and go throughout the years. You know, like Gibbs (we’ll never get over Gibbs).

 Rocky Carroll’s Leon Vance is one of the faces that showed up on the NCIS team later in the show—season five to be exact. Carroll recently spoke about all the exits he’s watched during his run. And he has a very positive opinion about saying “farewell” to well-loved characters.

“I think [the exits] affect me,” he told Assignment X, “but I think it’s in a very positive way because I think we have such loyal fans and such a strong fan base, but going on fifteen seasons now, we adjust and we adapt. You told so many stories, and some of them you told more than once. So when you bring in a new character, it opens up so much stuff creatively. So for me, I enjoy it.”