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‘NCIS’: Which Character Would Make the Best Gibbs Replacement?

by Anna Dunn
(Photo by Michael Tullberg/Getty Images)

NCIS actor Mark Harmon is rumored to want to exit the series. Many fans are wondering who would make the best replacement for Gibbs. The series is going into its 19th season next fall, and Harmon will only be in a handful of episodes.

Many speculate that this could be Harmon’s last season on the show. With a couple of new cast members coming in, and Ellie Bishop actress Emily Wickersham leaving the show, someone is going to have to replace Gibbs as the boss.

Many Fans think McGee Should Get the Job

Fans of the show seem to agree that McGee should get the position. McGee is one of the few remaining characters left from the earlier season. He’s experienced a ton of character growth over the past almost two decades.

“He is the perfect blend of “Old Guard” and “New Order” he has the tech factor down, and he’s funny. He is a damn good agent. He’s strong and fast and he can shoot. McGee is a clear choice,” someone pointed out.

Others were saying that Tony Dinozzo should get the part. However, actor Michael Weatherly left the show years ago and now stars in the series Bull. There are plenty of other characters in the series who could take the job, but many are looking for someone who has been on the show for a while.

The Job Could Be Given to New ‘NCIS’ Characters

While this likely wouldn’t go over well with fans, the job may not be given to any of the existing main characters. Two actors, Katrina Law, and Gary Cole, are joining the series next season.

Law will play Jessica Knight, who entered the show at the end of season 18. Knight is a fiery personality who will supposedly go above and beyond to help her fellow agents get out of sticky situations, even if that means a risk to herself.

Gary Cole’s role is far more under wraps. He’ll play Special Agent Alden Park, but production hasn’t released much more information about his character. However, it’s been cautioned that he’s not going to be a replacement for Gibbs, so fans can still have hope that that spot will go to McGee.

No matter who takes over, it seems that fans want a familiar face. And who knows, Harmon leaving the show isn’t confirmed. He could surprise everyone and return full-time in two years. For now, however, it’s looking pretty likely that the actor and producer will take a minimal role from this point forward.

Fans will hopefully get more clarity about this once the season starts this fall. NCIS has moved timeslots and will now air on Mondays at 9 pm eastern. It’ll serve as the lead-in to the all-new NCIS: Hawai’i.