‘NCIS’: Who Is Going to Take Over Ellie Bishop’s Position Next Season?

by Matthew Wilson

“NCIS” currently has a spot open on its team. Ellie Bishop and her actor Emily Wickersham said goodbye to the show during the Season 18 finale.

So who will end up replacing Bishop on the team? Currently, the prime candidate is Katrina Law’s, Jessica Knight. The character was introduced in the last two episodes of Season 18. Fans have speculated that Knight will join the team as a regular next season. But so far, CBS hasn’t confirmed that Law or Knight will return.

Currently, the network is casting for the next season and hasn’t revealed any news. Perhaps, “NCIS” might introduce a new character or two to fill out its ranks. Reportedly, Mark Harmon’s Leroy Gibbs might be taking a more limited role next season. So there’s a lot still up in the air and changing within the long-running crime show.

Of course, there’s always the chance that Emily Wickersham’s Ellie Bishop might return in the future. The door has been left open for the character.

‘NCIS’ Says Goodbye To Ellie Bishop

Of course, Wickersham’s Ellie Bishop is gone for now and the foreseeable future. The actor confirmed she was leaving the series after the Season 18 finale aired. Bishop decided to go undercover, leaving the NCIS and her flame Nick Torres.

“Hangin’ this hat and jacket up. What a great ride it’s been,” Wickersham confirmed on Instagram. “This cast, this crew, are top notch. I can’t say enough kind words about this group that I’ve had the pleasure of working with for close to 8 years now and 172 episodes later. This business is finicky and weird and consistency is a rarity. I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of a show where I got to show up and act and laugh and learn with wonderful people. A moment in time I surely won’t forget.”

In response, several of Wickersham’s castmates bid her farewell and wished her the best in her next career move. For instance, Brian Dietzen commented, “So damn proud of you my friend. Also, I’m gonna miss the hell outta you on set. I can’t wait to see what you do next. Whatever it is, I’ll be there in the front row. Thank you.

Over the course of “NCIS,” the cast has seen several shake-ups. You don’t get to Season 19 without losing a few people along the way. But Mark Harmon has been the mainstay on the series as people have come and go. So, Bishop is taking leave so that a new fan-favorite can take her spot.