‘NCIS’: Who Is the New Boss With Gibbs Gone?

by Samantha Whidden

Following the departure of Mark Harmon’s NCIS character Leroy Gibbs, fans are now wondering what’s going to happen to the hit series’ crime investigating team since its leader has left.

As previously reported, Mark Harmon’s NCIS character revealed to Sean Murray’s Timothy McGee that he was officially not coming back to the team. “I’m not going back, Tim.” It was a heart-wrenching moment for fans and cast members alike.  

Although there is hope for Gibbs to make a return to the hit series, that leaves the team’s leader position wide open. And, NCIS fans have some thoughts. Will it be Murray’s character, or Gary Cole’s newcomer character, FBI Special Agent Alden Parker?

Sean Murray’s McGee Has Been on ‘NCIS’ Since Season 1

As one of the last original castmates, Sean Murray is obviously a fan favorite. Murray notably was a guest star in eight episodes during the first season of NCIS before joining the main cast in the show’s second season. He’s had various nicknames throughout the years, including “Probie,” “McGeek,” “McQueen,” and “Probie Wan Kenobi.”

While speaking about NCIS characters’ developments, Murray told CBS Chicago in November 2020, “One of the things early on I think we kind of concentrated on, sort of focusing on were the characters and their character relationships and the dynamics and all that stuff.”

The NCIS star then noted that the cases are almost becoming a little more secondary, not as important as the way the characters interact with each other. “I think that’s something that has resonated with people.”

In regards to his NCIS character’s development, Murray goes on to add, “Even 18 years in, you’re still changing, you’re always making it different. I do remember things starting to click in that first season and realizing like, oh this is it. I think we should play towards this a little bit.”

How Do ‘NCIS’ Fans Feel About Gary Cole’s Character?

Although there have been talks of McGee taking over the team for Gibbs eventually, fans are beginning to take notice of NCIS character changes. One fan wrote on Twitter, “I’m not ok with the new taking charge. As a character, McGee’s development &growth just hit the ceiling. I bet Cole even gets top billing. I will consider last week the final episode & be done. However, thank you all for 18.4 years! It was great!”

However, another fan remains a bit more optimistic. “Change isn’t always bad. I love the new recruits with the team. Btw, we know now that Parker isn’t technology challenged like Gibbs, but can we please leave all that fun geeky techie stuff to the tech master himself – McGee?”