‘NCIS’: Who Will Take Over as Team Leader Now That Gibbs is Gone?

by Emily Morgan
(Photo by JB Lacroix/WireImage)

After the jaw-dropping finale of “NCIS,” fans wonder what the future holds for the crew now that Gibbs is out of the picture. As you’ll recall, the season finale left viewers stunned when Agent Gibbs was taken out of action and possibly going into hiding. So who will take over his role back at headquarters?

Now that the curtain is closed on season 18, fans buzz about who will take over Gibbs’ duties. Although Mark Harmon confirmed he will return for season 19, it’s still unclear when and in what capacity.

During the finale, Gibbs and investigative journalist Marcie Warren (played by Harmon’s wife, Pam Dawber) hunted down a serial killer. Near the end of the episode, viewers see Gibbs board a boat to solve the case.

Without warning, the boat exploded, and we saw Gibbs’ body floating in the water. After a few moments, he manages to swim away, making it look like he tried to fake his death. As a result, it may not be likely he’ll be making a return to his team any time soon. Additionally, Gibbs had already been away from his duties for quite some time.

Director Leon Vance suspended Gibbs earlier in the series after he attacked a man involved in a dog-fighting ring. After Gibbs realized the man had been abusing animals, he let his anger get the best of him.

‘NCIS’ Fans Narrow Gibb’s Replacement Down to Two Characters

Afterward, Gibbs had to hand over his gun and badge temporarily. This, combined with the fact that he just faked his death, brings up the question of who will become the team leader.

Some fans believe that since Agent Timothy McGee (Sean Murray) is the second-longest-running agent in the show, he should take over. Yet, some fans Agent Jessica Knight (Katrina Law) is the right fit. She joined the team after everyone from her NCIS REACT group died in an explosion.

On Reddit, fans openly discussed their opinion on who would make the most sense to take on the job. “My thought would be that Knight has seniority and already has experience leading a team,” one user wrote about Knight.

Another agreed: “I’m not sure he [Gibbs] would really fit as a team leader, nor do I think he would want that position, having two kids and a wife.” A third quizzed: “Does anyone actually think that the McGee character exudes leadership capability?”

While we may not know what the new season”NCIS” holds, we do know it will be full of surprises.