‘NCIS’: Why Diona Reasonover Thinks People ‘Were Sleeping’ on Brian Dietzen’s Jimmy Palmer

by Anna Dunn

NCIS actress Diona Reasonover thinks people have been sleeping on Jimmy Palmer as a great character. Seriously, Brian Dietzen’s Palmer has been around since the early days, but he’s rarely talked about as an ultimate fan-favorite or as a legendary character. But Reasonover, who did a ton of work alongside Brian Dietzen for tonight’s upcoming episode, says that the character is way underrated.

In a conversation with Variety, Reasonover discussed Palmer. The actress joined the show as Kasie Hines just a few years ago, but has already meshed incredibly well with the cast.

“People were sleeping on Jimmy Palmer, man,” Diona Reasonover explained. “He’s kind of the undercover sniper of people’s favorite characters. When they’re listing their favorite characters, he always ends up in those top three, always.”

And for a while, “sleeping” on Jimmy Palmer wasn’t even just an NCIS fan thing. He also didn’t seem to get as much screentime or arcs as some of the others. But now, he’s really coming into his own. And as one of the few familiar cast members from the early years left, there’s a new appreciation for the character.

Tonight’s episode is really going to put him in the spotlight. And not only does Dietzen take center stage as an actor, but he also wrote this one.

Tonight’s ‘NCIS’ Episode Was Written By Brian Dietzen

Dietzen co-wrote the episode that has Diona Reasonover’s Kasie and Jimmy Palmer barely clinging to life after getting exposed to a deadly Biotoxin. The episode will also finally re-introduce fans to Jimmy Palmer’s daughter. You remember when she was born, but it’s been seven years now. And it’s going to be wild for fans to see how grown up she is now.

It’ll be a really heavy episode, but the cast still had some fun times behind the scenes. In fact, Jessica Knight actress Katrina Law shared a fun video from behind the scenes of this episode, which she also noted is a “beautiful episode filled with heart and soul.”

Apparently, when they shot the NCIS episode, it was horribly hot out. The video shows Law “interviewing” Dietzen about how many layers he has on. And despite the fact that it’s 104 degrees outside, he says he’s wearing seventeen.

Not only are Katrina Law and Diona Reasonover hyping up tonight’s episode, but Dietzen’s long-time co-worker Sean Murray, who plays McGee, is also getting fans stoked.

“This is a big tribute to Brian Dietzen, he worked really hard in this episode. I think you guys are gonna be blown away by how beautiful his words are gonna play,” the actor wrote.

Tonight’s episode airs at 9/8 central on CBS.