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‘NCIS’: Why Fans Say the ‘Truth or Consequences’ Episode is the ‘Best’

by Anna Dunn
NEW YORK, NY - MAY 15: Actors Michael Weatherly, Cote de Pablo, Mark Harmon, Pauley Perrette and Brian Dietzen attends the 2013 CBS Upfront at The Tent at Lincoln Center on May 15, 2013 in New York City. (Photo by Jim Spellman/WireImage)

With hundreds of episodes and almost twenty seasons, there are plenty of great episodes of NCIS, but fans particularly love Truth Or Consequences. Truth or Consequences is the first episode of season 7 and follows Ziva’s kidnapping. The beloved NCIS agent was held hostage in a prison camp in Somalia and brutally tortured.

The episode is told in a series of flashbacks. In the present, Tony desperately searches for her and the team tries to move on without her. The episode ends with Gibbs and McGee traveling to Somalia and rescuing her. Many fans view it as the absolute best episode of NCIS.

Fans Discussed the Episode in a Recent Reddit Thread

A recent Reddit thread about Truth or Consequences, where user u/rdtusr19 raves about the episode, demonstrates how much fans love it.

“Honestly, is there a better episode in this show’s run? In my opinion, there is not. This is one of those episodes that is an automatic stop what I’m doing and settle in for the next hour if I see it on. Nevermind the actual plot being outstanding, but the way they had everything play out to tell the story. *Chef’s Kiss*,” they wrote.

Most Reddit threads like this spark spirited debate, but this time, fans were in agreement.

“I concur. I can’t resist watching that episode when it’s on. Everyone has a moment. Great episode,” another Reddit user wrote.

One did point out that the episode does have a serious goof, which detracts from the episode a bit.

“It would be perfect if it wasn’t for the part where Gibbs teleports from his sniper nest to the entrance of the compound.”

And while that episode was a while ago, there are still some fantastic episodes that have come out recently. NCIS is the #1 scripted drama in the world for a reason. And while the cast has definitely rotated over the years, the show still remains a ratings powerhouse.

Special Agent Gibbs to Have a Different Role in ‘NCIS’ Season 19

Mark Harmon allegedly wanted to leave NCIS behind completely after his contract expired last year. However, he’s staying on for another year. But, much to the dismay of fans, the agent Gibbs actor isn’t going to be a full-time member of the cast this time around.

The season 18 finale saw Gibbs’ boat being blown up with him on it. Thankfully, the final shot shows him swimming away. Many think Gibbs is going to fake his own death in order to pursue the serial killer he was investigating with investigative journalist Marcie Warren, played by Mark Harmon’s own wife.

Production and the official NCIS Twitter account have dropped cryptic clues about Gibbs’ whereabouts, with photos of Gibb’s truck and a tweet with three boat emojis, production is certainly leaving fans with more questions than answers.

Thankfully, it won’t be long until fans get real answers. NCIS comes back on Monday, September 20th this year on CBS.