‘NCIS’: Why Sean Murray Believes That He and Agent McGee Have Become More Like Each Other

by Megan Molseed

Sean Murray has been portraying “NCIS” officer Timothy McGee since the show’s premiere in 2003. That’s eighteen years the forty-three-year-old actor has made the special agent a part of his life. So it wouldn’t be too surprising to learn that the character, and the man, have grown over the years.

The longtime actor recently gave that idea some consideration. Especially the idea that in nearly two decades portraying a character, who has more influence on each other? Sean Murray to McGee, or McGee to Sean Murray?

Where Does the Actor End and the Character Begin?

“It’s a bit of both,” Sean Murray told Inquirer.Net in an interview last February.

“The characters have very much evolved over the years,” the actor added. “Mine probably more than the others.”

Murray added that the last eighteen years have been a period of growth both for his “NCIS” character Timothy McGee as well as a period of growth for himself.

“We’ve seen McGee go from a rookie agent on the NCIS team to one who’s deleting cases and doing all kinds of things he didn’t know he could do,” the actor said of his “NCIS” character.

“To me, it’s not just professionally, but also personally,” he said. “Meeting a woman, getting married, having kids, and becoming a father—I mean, the growth for me has been amazing. I’ve always pushed for growth.”

McGee’s Growth During Eighteen Seasons of “NCIS”

When the series premiered, Sean Murray’s character was the “go-to” for any technical questions or issues. In addition, McGee was an aspiring novelist on the hit CBS series“NCIS.” When we are first introduced to the young man, he is certainly one of the lower-ranking individuals on the “NCIS” team.

His inexperience would often lead to preventable mistakes, much to the frustration of “NCIS” team leader, Leroy Jethro Gibbs.

“McGee just got better at what he does over the years,” Murray said of McGee during an interview with StarryMag. “There has always been a progression and evolution to that character, which makes me very happy obviously as an actor.”

According to Murray, it is this growth that led to the character’s current position on the “NCIS” team.

“He’s gone from someone who couldn’t put two words together to someone incredibly good at their job,” Murray said of the “NCIS” agent. In fact, as the most recent season of the hit CBS drama wrapped up, we saw Timothy McGee take on incredible responsibility, often stepping in for “NCIS” commander Leroy Jethro Gibbs when he is absent from his duties.

“McGee has slowly worked his way to being the senior agent on the team and he didn’t just happen to fall into that through circumstances,” Murray said. “It took him many, many years. He got better at being an agent, what he does and what he excels in.”